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Ashish Bista
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Ashish, 9 June 2019

The name Boao lives up to its name. According to legend, "Bo" means "generous", "Ao" is the son of a dragon, the patron saint of local fishermen, after whom this place was named. Many hotels in Boao have their access to the sea, and the wonderful white sandy beach stretches for more than 40 kilometers.

Ashish, 29 May 2019

The pools with various staircases, slides and fountains are filled with children's laughter and happy smiles of parents. Having looked at them, I realized that at this moment I also feel like a child who wants to jump, laugh and splash. Because sometimes adult people think that always nBe serious and responsible, and forget a little about the fact that each of us lives a child. Have fun with the soul and amuse as children-adults can also! Moreover, it is vital!