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Splash for Trash

28 April 2019

Friday, 3 May 2019 



Join us for our very first "splash for trash" event in XiaoDongHai, Sanya on Friday afternoon.  加入我们周五下午在三亚小东海举办的第一场“溅对于垃圾”活动。


All of us have always wanted to be a Mermaid or Aquaman at some stage of our childhoods and this is your opportunity to wet your scales, wrap up in seaweed, put on your fins and become brined with some crystal clear invigorating splashes! 在我们童年的某个阶段,我们所有人都一直想成为美人鱼或海王,这是你湿润鳞片,包裹在海藻中,穿上你的鳍,并带着一些晶莹剔透的水晶飞溅的机会


This is our earth, these are our beaches and our sunsets. We all share in the responsibility to keep it clean, to keep it picture perfect and to ensure there is a future for all of our ocean life. 这是我们的地球,这些是我们的海滩和日落。 我们都有责任保持清洁,我们都有责任保持清洁,使其保持完美,并确保我们所有的海洋生物都有未来。


Become a Splash for trash Partner, together we can define the future! 成为“溅对于垃圾”合作伙伴,我们可以共同定义未来!


Hand in hand, we do make a difference for the greater good. We are not advocating change, we are the change generation. We make the difference because we care! 携手共进,我们确实为更大的利益做出了贡献。 我们不是在倡导变革,我们是变革的一代。 因为我们关心所以我们有所作为


Location and Time 地点和时间 

Time: 3: 30pm 

时间: 下午3:30


Meeting point: XiaoDongHai, Sanya. Near the InterContinental Sanya Resort.

集合点: 三亚肖东海。三亚洲际度假酒店附近。

Important 重要

  1. Bring your own gear: snorkel, mask and fins or swim shoes. 携带自己的设备:呼吸管,泳鏡和脚蹼或游泳鞋。

  2. Rocky environments, we recommend wearing swim shoes. 对于锋利的岩石环境,我们建议穿着游泳鞋。

  3. Stay Hydrated, bring your own reusable water bottles. 保持水分,请带上自己装满的可重复使用的水瓶。

  4. If possible, bring your diving knives. 如果可能,带上潜水刀。

  5. Non-swimmers can also participate by cleaning the beach. 非游泳者也可以通过清洁海滩参加。

  6. We will provide mesh bags and gloves for 20 participants. 我们将为前20名成员提供网袋和手套。


If you would like to join please message us with your name and cellphone number or wechat ID so that we can add you into our "Splash for Trash" group for further details. 


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