Hainan today Traveller's diary Qiziwan: The Best Sunset in Hainan?

Qiziwan: The Best Sunset in Hainan?

28 June 2019

Beach lovers aren't going to want to miss this hidden gem in Hainan's Changjiang County. 

Qiziwan (棋子湾 or Qizi Bay) is located about halfway between Haikou and Sanya on the west coast and with the Qiziwan Train Station, it makes for a great trip for day-trippers in either of Hainan's major cities. I biked there from Haikou over two days (stay tuned to Hainan Life for more upcoming information about cycling in Hainan), but with the high-speed trains you can get there in less than two hours. 

Qiziwan has all the classic blue skies and white sand one comes to expect from Hainan, but without the crowds. The sand is elevated from the water and the water gets deep fast meaning you don't have to go to far from shore to get a good swim. It's a blast to run down the short, steep hill and dive into the water. 

Once you've cooled down in the ocean, there's a short hiking trail right beside the beach. The trail features some great photo ops with unique rock formations that line the shore. 

But why not make a weekend out of it? I also highly recommend checking out Changjiang County's Bawangling (霸王岭) for some great hiking and if you stay the night in Qiziwan, you'll be able to take in what might be the prettiest sunset in Hainan. 

With the sun setting in the West, it makes sense that the best sunsets on the island will be seen along the west coast. I was getting ready to take the perfect photo before the sun dipped beneath a small cloud... 

Drats! I'll get it next time! 

Where have you witnessed the best sunset in Hainan? Send us your recommendations and photos to Ricky9580@hotmail.com or leave a comment down below (include your name so I can credit you!) and I'll see if we can feature the best photos on our website in a future article. 

Ricky Barrett Jamer is a travel writer from Canada. You can keep up with his worldly travels by staying tuned to Hainan Life and following his page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FromChinatotheWorldBlog/

And as always, enjoy exploring Hainan! 

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