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Morning yoga in Sanya

26 November 2020

The modern life goes forward too quickly. We are always surrounded by stress and worries.

In such a fast rhythm, it is difficult to find time for your self-improvement. Therefore yoga classes become so popular nowadays. According to Yogic scriptures, practicing yoga results in the union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness, bringing about a perfect harmony between the mind and the body and man and nature.

It is great if you have an opportunity to make yoga class outside, it will give a better effect! After all, being on the seashore, accompanied by the sound of the sea and the fresh sea breeze, you feel your unity with nature and as result get much more energy.

That is why Saturday yoga classes from Mojo Fitness are become so  popular among residents and visitors of Hainan Island. Morning practices take place every Saturday at 7:00 am.  You  should register first in the group chat.

Two dedicated, experienced and professional teachers Doris and Annie — with generous hearts and deep personal knowledge — lead this yoga class.

With their help, you will be able to do asanas that will help you wake up, activate the work of all body systems and be filled with energy for the whole day.

Training on the sand is little more difficult than in the gym, but you can improve your body control and coordination. In addition, yoga will help you develop flexibility, stretching, the ability to balance and control your body.

You are offered many aspects of yoga; physical and mental benefits of postures and meditation, and spiritual benefits of the exploring one's own true nature.

The warming rays of the sun and the pleasant sea breeze invite you to relax and take it easy - ideal for leaving your cares behind you and escaping the daily grind in a uniquely beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.

In addition  you will have the opportunity to break out of your shell and make new friends.  You acquire a tribe of new friends who are as fit and fun as you want to be! Mojo fitness yoga beach class is a great place to start!

You are very welcome  every Saturday from 7 to 8 am in Dadonghai Bay.

One lesson costs 29.9 RMB,  10 lessons - 158 RMB.

Take a few minutes to research ways you can get involved with this community.

You can find out more details and sign up for a lesson by using the QR code:

Arnie will be able to answer you in English or Chinese.

See more photos from classes in our photo album!

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