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II Sanya International Kids Fashion Week

5 December 2019

On November 27, 2019, a press conference of the II Sanya International Kids Fashion Week was held in the conference hall of the Sanya Public Art Museum. We will remind you that the first season of the International Kids Fashion Week took place in August 2018, it was organized by the International Cooperation Center of Sanya and SemProGroup Hainan Co., LTD. The results of The Fashion Week 2018 impressed the organizers and its audience: designers and children models from 8 countries took part in the Week, it was held in a cheerful atmosphere of celebration and international friendship. The event was also highly appreciated by representatives of the Sanya Municipal People’s Government - the best confirmation of this is the fact that this year the Fashion Week has been given the official status of a mass government event. The program’s organizer is Department of Tourism and Culture Radio Television Sports of Sanya and SemProGroup Hainan Co., LTD is a co-organizer of the II Sanya International Kids Fashion Week in Sanya. 

At the press conference, the representative of the government, Deputy Director-inspector of Department of Tourism and Culture Radio Television Sports of Sanya, Mr. Zhong Fengmao, noted in his speech: «Sanya, located at 18 degrees north latitude, has rich tourism resources and is a famous resort city of our country, as well as an important global tourist destination with beautiful sandy beaches, clear sea water and air. Currently, Sanya is actively implementing the instructions of Xi Jinping and of the Central and Provincial Governments to comprehensively deepen reform and openness policies, in particular, the development of the construction of a free trade zone, the active promotion of the development of cultural and tourist integration, the intensive development of new tourism opportunities, the promotion of traditional culture in the background of modernization. Therefore, this year we will hold The II Sanya International Kids Fashion Week».

Then, the representatives of the Organizing Committee of the Week told the media and the Chinese and foreign participants of the conference about the main features of the next season of the Fashion Week (the final of the Week will take place on December 30, 2019 - January 5, 2020):

1. The week will be truly international. Designers and child models from Hainan, mainland China, Russia, Belarus and other countries are already preparing to participate in the selection rounds. The organizing committee has prior consent to participate in the Week from distinguished «Slava Zaitsev» Fashion House. Vyacheslav Zaitsev is, without exaggeration, a Legend, the founder of the concept of “modern Russian fashion”. Suffice it to say that back in the 60s of the twentieth century, he was praised as “Red Dior” by media and fans. And his clothes were worn by the most famous people of the Soviet Union and Russia, including the country's leaders. The organizing committee noted that thanks to the partnership with «Tartus Tour», there is a high probability that the “Master” Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev will personally present at the Week, as member of the jury and participate in the awarding ceremony of the winners, as well as present the children's collection of the Fashion House «Slava Zaitsev by Mirafame».

2. In Russia, the qualification rounds (which one also may call Sanya promo events) will be held in the largest cities of the country that already have or are about to open direct flights to Hainan. In particular, the cities will be:

December, 16th - Novosibirsk – Cultural House «Energy»

December, 18th - Omsk – Cultural House «Sibiryak»

December, 20th - Tyumen - Cultural House «Torfyanik»

December, 23th - Yekaterinburg - Cultural House "Verkh-Isetsky"

December, 25th - Moscow - «Slava Zaitsev» Fashion House».

The events of the Fashion Week will be pioneers in such big cities of Russia as Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, as official promotional events of Sanya have not been held there before. The selection round in Moscow will take place on the country's most legendary podium - «Slava Zaitsev» Fashion House»! For that, we again express our gratitude to the general partner of the Fashion Week in Russia - the «Tartus-Tour» company, to the main organizer of the program in Russian – «Mister Help» company and, of course, the «Slava Zaitsev» Fashion House».

3. The task of the organizing committee is to open access to the participation in the Fashion Week for the children of Hainan residents and island’s guests — foreign citizens and tourists. But participating in the role of child models requires certain modeling skills of the children. How is this issue resolved? For those who live on the island permanently, the Organizing Committee recommends contacting their general partner in Hainan, the «V-Star» model school, so that kids may get to know the secrets of modeling skills. And from December 30, free model express courses for children of tourists will be organized in the city of Sanya. If the children cannot take part in the Week as its models, the Organizing Committee invites kids as spectators, and there will be something interesting for them to see!

4. The scenario of the Week is organized in the best traditions of the «New Year Tree» Matinee and is designed to remind children a simple truth: «Good conquers evil. But for this, everyone needs to make an effort». Therefore, all the contests and shows of the Week will be organized in the form of a team quest, in which the children will have to help Father Frost and the Snow Maiden turn the evil character into a good-natured person and get New Year's gifts!

5. In addition, the final of the Week will take place in the beautiful bay of Haitan-wan, which is called the “national” coast - this is really a charming place to relax at the highest standards. The venue of the Week on January 3 (January 3-5, 2020) will be one of the best hotels in the bay - Wanda Mandarin Resort.

6. Adults will not be bored at the Fashion Week either. All contests here are also family events, which require the efforts of the whole family, and the young participants will act as the family representative on the podium. Last year, families with great interest participated in one of these contests – they had to create and demonstrate the Sanya themed t-shirts. Many children and parents prepared products at the level of true professional designers! The competition will continue this Week. And for those who would like to raise their level of fine art for participation, drawing and design lessons for the whole family will be organized.

7. Another chance to give full play to family member’s skills will be the contest “Dear Hometown, how beautiful you are!” Within its framework, the whole family or group of families from one city will prepare a small tourist presentation of their hometown. A child or a team of kids will present it in English. The Organizing Committee believes that the audience of this competition will be able to imagine themselves making an exciting international journey without leaving the city of Sanya.

8. We hope that the Fashion Week will become a platform where Chinese and foreign families can make friends with each other, and that this friendship will connect them for many years. This is also one of the features of last year’s Week. Last season organizers noticed how many families wanted to be friends with each other. And this year we will help them with this. Even before the start of the Week final, family communication on the Internet will be organized. During the final of the Week, the competition "International Friendship of Families" will be held. Within its framework, families who have become friends at the Week, will be invited to tell about the time they spent together in the beautiful city of Sanya. A special Internet platform is already being prepared for posting stories, photos, and videos. Families with the maximum number of views and “likes” will be awarded with free invitations for next year’s Week.

9. Finally, another feature of the Week is the title song “Young and happy in Sanya”, which has been specially written for the event by the famous international duet “Eva & Dantes”. Today, a demo of the song is ready. Those who have heard the first versions of this melody strongly agree: it is such a lively motive that it can become a tourist anthem of the city of Sanya!

The press conference ended up with the official "global" launch of qualification rounds, which will take place, apart from Russia, also in Hainan and in mainland China.

The schedule of the qualification rounds in Hainan is as follows:

December, 7th - Qionghai,

December, 8th - Danzhou,

December, 13th - Wanning,

December, 14th - Haikou (2 sites),

December, 15th – Haikou TV,

December, 15th - Wenchang,

December, 20th - Sanya,

December, 21th - Dongfang,

December, 22th - Lingshui.

Qualification rounds will also be held in the mainland provinces and cities of China. Events have already been confirmed in the following provinces: Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, as well as in Beijing. The geography of the Week in China continues to expand, so we expect an even larger list of cities and participating provinces.

The schedule of the qualification rounds in mainland China:

December, 7th – Beijing,

December, 8th – Henan province,

December, 13th – Guangdong province,

December, 14th – Sichuan province,

December, 20th – Hebei province,

December, 21th – Shandong province.

Children of foreign residents and guests of Hainan Island can also take part in the qualification rounds. To do this, please contact info@hnspg.com by email with a request for participation.

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