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A new cruise ship from Sanya

30 October 2019

Who hasn’t dreamed of going on a cruise ship trip? Cutting through the waves, to meet the sunsets and sunrises on the deck... Modern cruise ships are so versatile that everyone can find something to do. Also have a lot of playgrounds for kids, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, fitness and gym, spa and so on. This holiday can be compared to a vacation in a luxury hotel on the system "all inclusive" - comfortable cabins, a variety of food, first-class service and a lot of exciting opportunities on one huge ship.

This is a great way to feel disconnected from the usual reality, devoid of all worries and responsibilities, because on the liner you will only relax and have fun.

For residents of Sanya there is great news - from the beginning of 2020 from the port of Sanya starts a new cruise ship COSTA ROMANTICA to the Philippine Islands and Vietnam in 5 different directions:

Direction A (Vietnam): Sanya - Da Nang – Ha Long Bay - Sanya (4 days 3 nights)

Departure date - 4 January 2020. Price from 1916 RMB/person.

Direction B (Vietnam): Sanya - Da Nang (2 days) - Sanya (4 days 3 nights) 

Departure date - 11 January and 3 March 2020. Price from 1916 RMB/person.

Direction C (Vietnam): Sanya - Da Nang - Nha Trang - Open sea - Sanya (5 days 4 nights)

Departure date - 7 January 2020. Price from 2249 RMB/person. 

Direction D (Philippines): Sanya - Open sea – Manila - Subic Bay - Open sea - Sanya (6 days 5 nights) 

Departure date - 14 January and 6 March 2020. Price from 3649 RMB/person.

Direction E (Vietnam): Sanya - Da Nang – Nansha - Sanya (5 days 4 nights)

Departure date - 23, 27, 31 January; 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 February; 15, 19, 23 March 2020. Price from 2249 RMB/person.

The cruise ship COSTA ROMANTICA has 14 floors and 789 cabins. It is 220.6 meters long and 30.8 meters wide. It holds 1,800 passengers and runs at a speed of 18.5 knots. You can book a cabin and ask all the details by QR code: 

If you book a cabin before 16 November 2019 you can have a 30% discount.

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