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    Iain, 13 December 2018
    By late November, all sources of pollution around drinking water supplies in Hainan Province's prefecture-level cities had been removed - more than a month ahead of the schedule set by the State Council - according to provincial environmental authorities.
    Iain, 6 December 2018
    From 1 December 2018 to 6 January 2019 Coconut Music will be hosting the Bo'ao Music Town Christmas Music Season. Every weekend in December we will be getting intimate with music in the warm and cosy setting of Bo'ao. Come and enjoy the good times with us here in Bo'ao!
    Iain, 3 December 2018
    A total of 1,565 centenarians were living in the province of Hainan by the end of 2017, including an oldest woman aged 117, according to a report by the provincial health commission.
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