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You need vitamin SEA

16 May 2019

The earth in which we live on has many wonderful things. Particularly the sea life is the most mysterious and the most beautiful. I read the book "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Verne. When I read this novel, I dreamed of seeing the life of the sea and realizing it. This day my dreams became true. Our next trip was the Lost chambers aquarium in Sanya City Atlantis resort. I was so excited that I had to go from the entrance to the hotel. Everything was perfect than my imagination. Have you ever seen a mermaid before, do you believe a mermaid? Then I would say yes. Best of all, you can see the mermaid here. If you have decided to go to a trip to Hainan, I'm confident that it will be the right choice. Welcome to the sea life.


There are so many differents types of marine animals, and most interesting is the Beluga whale. They live there in pairs. Their names are Andy and Tina, both are 15 years old. They are very friendly, funny and cute. Do you know? Beluga whales are able to hold their breath underwater for up to 15 minutes. And they can swim backwards. Also known as "sea canaries", belugas are one of the most vocal of all whales.



Oh then of course Nemo and Dory.

They are my childhood memories. When I saw them, I felt like I was looking at my closest person. I do not know the names of these fish, but when I saw them, I directly called them Nemo Dory. But now I know. This fish is called a clownfish. Do you know? Clownfish in return benefit from sea anemone, who provide food scraps and who is venomous tentacles protect the clownfish from any attack by other fish. Clownfish are hermaphrodites. This means that they can be male and female. Unfortunately, due to the increased popularity of “Finding Nemo”, the number of captive clownfish kept in tanks has increased despite the film’s message about the damage caused by capturing clownfish.


Most amazing thing is guess what? You can go inside these aquarium, swim with fish, and experience real-marine life.

It was my first time to meet marine animals and marine life. All you guys know, the song named as "wonderful world" in “finding Nemo” movie. My trip was really wonderful like as in that song’s lyrics. I would like to thank the program’s organizers for giving me the chance to see such an amazing things.





I like exciting and crazy adventures. After the Aquarium, we went to the water park of Atlantis to experience it. It's a fun place to be fun and crazy. The best idea of Hot Day is definitely a water park. The water park is composed of many complexes of toys and provides superior comfort and safety. That is the reason why there are so many people. Maybe it's a big and beautiful place to play the all day, but I promise you, you will never be bored and tired.


Look at this helicopter, if you have a helicopter, you can park here.

When I took a photo I saw it was feeling what a great from the faces of those who are playing people. Really cool.


Directions from Sanya Phoenix International Airport (SYX)

From Airport to Atlantis Sanya via G98 high way. The entrance to the Atlantis Sanya is on the right side towards CDF mall, 200 metres after the entrance of Shangri-La Resort.

Taxis are the most convenient way to travel around Sanya. For long distances, it’s common practice to bargain for the taxi fare. However, within the downtown area, taxis are metreed with fares starting from RMB 10.C

GPS Coordinates - Baidu Map: 18.3625515764,109.7519989025

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19 May 2019
I want to go Sanya Atlantis, marine life is my dream too. I’ll to travel Hainan