Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Wuzhizhou Island is the most beautiful island in China

Wuzhizhou Island is the most beautiful island in China

16 May 2019

Just north of Yalong Bay lies Wuzhizhou Island, small and walkable with lush tropical vegetation, pure white sand beaches and surrounded by crystal clear waters this is one of the most popular trips for visitors to Sanya.

The Sanya Wuzhizhou Islet is now known for its crystal clear water, sandy beach and water sports including scuba diving, snorkeling, and the parachute sailing. The Islet is a must visit for almost all tourists to Sanya Hainan Island.

 Wuzhizhou Islet is also a paradise of wild tropical forest. There are over 2700 wild plants including Spindle Tree Fern and Dragon Tree, the oldest plant on the earth.

There is a pier where all tourists take speed boats to the Sanya Wuzhizhou Islet fr om 8 am, the last speed boat from Sanya Wuzhizhou Islet back to the pier is at 4 pm winter time and 5 pm summer time. The admission fee is CNY160/person including speed boat round trip transfers. The lim it is up to 20000 tourists during peak season. So you can imagine how busy the small islet is during the day. But if you could stay one over night on the islet in the  Coral Hotel on the Island, then it is your paradise as all tourists leave the islet after 5 pm.

The sea around the island is protected and so is a haven for all sorts of fish and has some of the best preserved coral in China. Visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports activities including diving and snorkeling, take a relaxing stroll around the island or just laze on the beach and swim.

The Lover Bridge on Wuzhizhou Island was originally a chain bridge functioned as lookout. 

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