Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Visit Wuzhi Mountain of Hainan on your trip to Hainan

Visit Wuzhi Mountain of Hainan on your trip to Hainan

22 May 2019

Wuzhi means five fingers in Chinese and the mountain owes its name to its formation. The overall shape extends like the five digits of a hand. Tradition has it that this is the hand of Sakyamuni and that the legendary Monkey King cannot escape from its control.

The Wuzhi Mountain (Five Finger Mountain, or Wuzhi Shan in Chinese), located in Wuzhishan City, is the highest peak, with an altitude of 1,867m (6,125 feet). In fact this mountain is 343m (1,125 feet) higher than Mt.Tai, long regarded as the premier peak of China's five most famous mountains.

Wuzhi Mountain is high and steep, with a complex land form, and verdant forest. The abundant water resources feed groups of waterfalls, the most impressive being the Wuzhi Mountain Waterfall on the north face of the first peak. This has a height of 1,000m (3,281 feet), and is a grand sight. The various water falls have created a series of deep ponds as they cascade down to the great Wuzhi Mountain (Wuzhi Shan) Canyon.

The best time for visiting the Wuzhi Mountain is between November and April the following year, while the best time for taking a trip down the canyon is from July to October. This area is an ideal place to visit if you want to avoid sunburn while escaping from the cold of more northern climes.

Now trips to Wuzhishan are getting popular again. With the increasing pollution in the big cities, it is hard to find a real natural, quite and clean place like Wuzhishan, Tourism is growing again!

It was then a newly developed tourist attraction with hotels and restaurants styled in typical Chinese architecture, lakes filled with lotus flowers, red wooden bridges used as walk ways and beautiful landscapes.

You will have the chance if you visit wuzhi mountain ,and climb it, in your trip you will be able to enjoy something of this happy event. We really was enjoying in this visit and spend a nice time when we see this places 

After that we went to " Grace of nature "wuzhi tea plantation " We find traditional girls and the hospitality was very nice, they gave us traditional Chinese clothes to wear it, and basket to pick the tea plant ,

Then we climbed the mountain and started to picked the tea and we drank tea we interested with making tea by them selves, and they were very kindly .

 After we finished we had a special food,"barbecue " it was so delicious food .

 After we had adinner we we had funny time with  bamboo dance, songs ,Europe dance ,and playing around the fire 

You will have the chance to witness and feel something of the lifestyle of Li and Miao nationalities: getting to know their customs, appreciating their folk song and dance, tasting their special foods. On that day, everyone will wear their finery, drinking, singing and dancing in the open air till the midnight. By planning the time

we love the peace and beauty of China’s mountains and ancient towns. On this visit, we enjoyed viewing Wuzhi Mountain and then went to the village of Maonao.

Thank you fall in love with hainan ,Department of Tourism and Culture of Hainan province”  

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