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Unexpectedly Beautiful Place : Boao

10 June 2019

1. Dragon boats festival

 This place was having a festival to celebrate the Dano Festival. The players sat on a long boat, paddling, and many spectators were watching the game. I was surprised at the speed of the ship. It was a very fast and fun game. There were so many spectators watching that I couldn't take the picture properly, but I recommend you come and see it for yourself.

 It also had beautiful scenery. The day we visited here was a day when the sky was clear and the clouds were pretty. I was surprised again by the beautiful scenery!


 2. Boao Forum for Asia Permanent Venue

 This is the spot for the Asia Forum. I got a very clean and official feeling fr om the entrance. Also, I was surprised to see the big conference hall and the nice sea nearby.


 I could sit in a chair where the heads of state had sat, take pictures, and look around the conference room, and it was a great experience.


3. Boao temple (Boao Buddhist temple)

 This is a beautiful temple. As soon as I got off the bus, I was surprised at the entrance of a very traditional feeling, and I was surprised by the tile behind it. The more I went inside, the more I admired the beautiful sculptures and buildings.


 I think, the best structure in Boao temple is this building. I couldn’t think there would be such a nice structure, so I couldn't stop taking pictures despite the hot weather.


  The highlight is a large statue of Buddha on the third floor of this building. I was surprised at its size and twice surprised at its sophistication.


4. Boao Taoji Resort Hotel

 Located in Boao, this resort is perfect for your trip with your family and friends.


  The feeling of being in a beautiful place, a delicious food, and a quiet, private space was very impressive to me. There's a private beach of the hotel, and the view from the rooftop is wonderful.


 Let's go to private beach! There are people who enjoy water sports and sea swimming. Enjoy your vacation here wh ere everyone looks relaxed and happy!



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