Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Tropical Paradise on Hainan Island in China.

Tropical Paradise on Hainan Island in China.

24 April 2019

The Hainan Island is located in the southern part of China. It is a paradise with tropical climate, healthy food and charming people. What else do you need for your dreamed holiday? Hainan Island is Chinese Island and paradise for all kind of tourists and travelers that enjoy beach, water sports, hot climate, tropical nature, and great food. Actually, it is not only this, Hainan Island also offers great hotel resorts, shopping centers, restaurants and high standard and bilingual service. Additionally, it became popular and internationally recognized in medical tourism.


Check these 10 top places you definitely have to visit while traveling to Hainan Island.


1. Mission Hills Hot Springs and Spa.

Mission Hills Hot Spring and Spa with almost 300 individual pools and Spa thematically designed with variations from around the world.  The Volcanic stone, waterfalls and bamboo have been combined together as a symbol of natural resources of Hainan Island. Due to its variety of pools, immense size and diversity, the Spa resort has been attracting international tourists. If you travel to Hainan Island, then the Mission Hills Spa Resort must be on your list.



2. Mission Hills Golf Camp.

Mega Golf Camp with 10 Golf Clubs in Mission Hills Haikou is 80 km2 making it the second largest golf complex in the world. If you ever played Golf or would like to learn it, then you should definitely visit this extraordinary, mega Golf Resort. The mission Hills Golf Course includes: Blackstone, Lava Fields, Sandbelt Trails, The Vintage, Stone Quarry, The Preserve, Shadow Dunes, Double Pin, Stepping Stone, Meadow Fields. From above mentioned courses, everybody can find something for yourself. So remember, if you travel to Hainan Island, put it on your must see list.  



3. Mission Hills Shopping Centre.

Nowadays, shopping is one of the most important tourist objectives in the World. If so, why not trying most prestigious, fashionable designer stores at the new Mission Hills Centreville shopping mall in Haikou, Hainan Island. Get some Chinese iced tea and enjoy your long shopping in prestigious Fashion Avenue. In the Mission Hills of the Hainan Island you can find luxury brands and collection of international fashion labels that offers high quality shopping experience and exceptional bilingual customer service.


4. Haikou Movie Town.

It is an extraordinary artificial town with movie studios, apartments, restaurants and shopping stores. Haikou Movie Town is located only 8 kilometers out of city just behind Mission Hills Golf Club.  This movie town in Hainan Island is used for recording movies, professional photo sessions, but also it became an amazing tourist attraction that attracts more and more international tourists. Once you travel to Hainan Island, put it on your must-see place, you will have rememberable moments and perfect photo sessions.


5. Tian Hou Temple of Mazu Goddess in Haikou. 

Located just in the heart of City of Haikou on the famous Qilou Old Street in Haikou Old Town. The Tempe of Goddess Mezu has been very often visited by locals but also international travelers. Just in the Temple, Mazu Goddess with her long-life spirit for peace, brave and care gives people strength, courage, motivation to find love of their lives, follow their dreams, work hard and never give up. All visitors ask her for 3 magic wishes and start the incense sticks. This place must be definitely on your list if you want to discover spiritual part of China.





6. Qilou Old Street of Haikou.

This place is number one for each and every foreign tourist and traveler that comes to Hainan Island. Its beauty, charm, unique colors attracts international tourist and professional photographers. The Qilou Old Street is located in the old town of Haikou. It has been maintained and well-preserved in Nanyang-style architecture what made it promotional postcard of Haikou city.




7. Climb Millennium Bridge and have the best sunset of your life.

The Millennium Bridge that connects Haikou City with Haiden Dao Island became popular among visitors for an extraordinary sunset view. The light, immense space and great visibility make it special and unforgettable. So remember, put in on your list for evenings in Hainan Island.



8. Meet some locals. 

More and more international travelers seek for something unusual and different from their previous trips. Meeting with locals and learning about their culture became more and more popular among the visitors. In Hainan Island people are extremely friendly, open and curious about foreign visitors. Go to one of the local and tropical parks to chat with them and learn about their culture and hobby.





9. Problems with your eyes? Visit Haikou Hi-Vision Center.

Hainan Island is becoming more and more popular for medical tourism. One of the most visited among international tourists is Hi-Vision Center. In this clinic you can solve all kind of problems with your eyes. Famous Chief Surgeon of the Haikou Hi-Vision Center successfully conducted more than 70.000 operations what makes it internationally recognized for its excellence, wide range of operations and diversity. So, stop waiting! Book a flight to Hainan Island and solve the problem with your eyes now!





10. Evergreen Park located just in the heart of Haikou.

Just in the center of the Haikou there is the biggest park in the city called Evergreen Park. Its beauty, tropical plants, lakes and sea cost will help you to disconnect and relax from hustle and bustle of the city. In this park you can find more than ten thousand of coconut trees and hundreds of species of South Asian Ornamental plants. These green lungs of Haikou city are definitely worth to visit.



Hainan Island is a unique, different and worth to visit place what will make your holiday unforgettable. Don't wait! Book your flight now and visit this beautiful tropical Island now! 


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