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The valley of 168 hot springs

25 April 2019

How many wonders of the world have you seen? And if you haven’t had a chance to see many, which one should be at the top of your list and why? Never been so grateful for a great weather, Haikou treated as well. On Sunday 10 April Department of Tourism and culture of Hainan province and Hainanlife team arranged a Haikou Mission Hills Resort Trip.

The following is a briefing itinerary of my trip in Haikou:
Golf Course, Movies Town, Mineral Hot Spring and spa center,

Mission Hills Resort Haikou is a 5 star hotel. The luxury hotel hosted everyone from celebrities to heads of state and is the first building in Haikou to receive a trademark for its architecture.

This hotel is popular with golf players. When I did check-in in the lobby, there were some people who accommodated here were equipped with golf tools. For me, it was the first experience to play golf in my life. Golf is a game connecting the nature, physical practice, and fun together. The professional coach taught me how to hold the grip.

And then we checked in movie town it was the great place with buildings, architecture, tasty foods and and if you are lucky may be you will get the chance to have a selfie with super stars because it is the movies shooting place and you can find out the hand prints of your favourite stars.

Hand prints of MAN WEN JUN.

Our final destination of this tour was ‘’Mineral springs’’. Located in Yangshan District in Haikou, built on the volcanic rocks. It is the first volcanic mineral spa in Asia. So people who accommodate in this hotel can enjoy this activity. 
From Haikou Meilan Airport to Mission Hills Resort, just about 20 min driving. And the resort also offers transfer service between the resort and Haikou city, just 15 min driving.

The hot spring pools are designed according to the architectural style of each continent.  See the following pictures.

Spa could let me relaxed and get refreshed from the daily work. So, I enjoyed the spa service in this world’s largest mineral hot spring spa center. The pool in Rome style is also an idea place to take the wedding photos. So couples who are in their honeymoon can choose this hotel as a choice.

This hot spring area set 168 hot spring pools, temperature ranging between 15℃ and 43℃. Different hot spring pools have different effects, you can check about it from a instruction board near the pool. I enjoyed a lot and left my heart there.

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    After seeing these beautiful pictures really want to visit this beautiful place soon