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The Great International Park of Haikou

5 June 2019

Have you ever thought to yourself, wow I need a good place to take my kids for some fun excitement? Well the Global 100 Theme Park is the best place to take your kids! A fun place for kids of all ages. All the attractions are included for free. There are tons of simulations: boats, labs, and spaceship! They guarantee to keep you and your family very entertained. There is also a motorcycle show that we were not able to attend due to weather conditions.

The best part about the park is all the free attractions that they offer. You can go all around the park and enjoy anything there. There is also talent from all over the world. The whole area of the park is 400 hectare which include 170 hectare theme park. There is currently four area that are open right now: China, Spain, Italy, and England. The English Village contains some of our favorite characters such as Alice in Wonderland and 007 James Bond. The China Village is influenced by the ancient Loulan Kingdom.

Although there are a few disclaimers that I want to mention before you go to the park. They let you take a little bit of water into the park, but they will not let you take any food. That must all be bought in the park. Also the park is not one hundred percent complete when I was there so you must know that some places might not be open. Also the motorcycle show is quite an amazing show, but, due to safety reasons, if it rains they cancel the show.

It is very easy to get to the place. If you take a taxi it is very close the address is: Haikou, Xiuying District, Yeahai Avenue, 100. The ticket prices are as followed:

Adults: 288 Renminbi

Children: 168 Renminbi

Students: 220 Renminbi

Senior Citizen: 198

You can also take the bus. The bus No. 96 will take you there, but it will take you about 2 hours. If you are on vacation you might just want to take a taxi.

If you kids are looking for something exciting, why not try Global 100 Theme Park!

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