Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan The "Global 100 theme park " the world's only "super-large film entertainment kingdom

The "Global 100 theme park " the world's only "super-large film entertainment kingdom

5 June 2019

#HainanLife team  #FallinLoveWithHainan another visit to the world's largest 100 global theme Park.

Global 100 is a 400-hectare mixed-use, leisure, retail, hospitality and residential scheme near Hainan Island’s most populous city. The extraordinary, 170-hectare Global 100 theme park located in Haikou, Hainan Island, China. After entering the park, you can enjoy and experience the world's unique night show and magnificent building lighting show at night. There are a lot of cool, exciting entertainment projects in the park which certainly attract and wait for tourists to explore the mystery. 

It is an important window and image of Hainan International Tourism Island facing the world, a brand new business card for the world, a new milestone in the development of China's cultural industry, and an important platform for the implementation of the strategy of cultural power.

The movie-inspired theme park consists of four different villages, each influenced by international film-making attractions from China, Europe and America.

The UK-themed village, for example, incorporates characters such as James Bond, Mr. Bean and Alice in Wonderland beside architectural emblems including historic castles, traditional country villages and markets, as well as elements from the country’s industrial heritage.

The Chinese Village draws on the ancient Loulan kingdom, with a waterfront component featuring a fishing village and the giant ship from the legend of Zheng He’s expedition, combined in a theme based upon the Great Silk Road.


Here you can enjoy the extremely fast flying car stunt performance by French Paris automobile stunt team, which takes everybody to experience the blood boiling "speed and the passion".

The highest theme park in the world indoor naked eye 3D special effects extremely fast jump machine, unlike the usual skydiving machines in other theme park jumping machines are indoors, combined with naked 3D movie plots, which give viewers the experience of "speed of life and death."

The visitors of the motion ball screen cinema ride in the space capsule, simulate the space environment, go deep into the adventure plot, and experience the perfect combination of the dynamic technology and the spherical screen.

This park is full of fun entertainment for all ages.

Aerial View of Global 100 theme park. Pictures Source (Global 100 theme park)

Some important information for visitors to this wonderfull park,

长影环球100 文化旅游度假区
Global 100 Theme Park
Address: Haikou , Xiuying District, Yeahai Avenue, 100. 
Ticket price: adult - 288 yuan, children - 168 yuan, student - 220 yuan, elderly (from 70 years) - 198 yuan (special offers with discounts can be viewed through the Chinese discounter Meituan - 美团).


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