Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan The beauty of Five Finger Mountain and Grace of Nature tea plantation will broaden your horizons!

The beauty of Five Finger Mountain and Grace of Nature tea plantation will broaden your horizons!

21 May 2019

The Wuzhi Mountain (Five Finger Mountain, or Wuzhi Shan in Chinese) is located in Wuzhishan City is the highest point on the Hainan Island with 1,867m above the sea level. It is considered as the premier peak of China's five most famous mountains. The Five-Finger Mountain or Wuzhi Mountain is the symbol of Hainan Island. Its supreme and natural scenery, rich flora and fauna, outstanding waterfalls and the beauty attracts international visitors from across the Globe. 



The Wuzhi Mountain means five fingers in Chinese and gets its name thanks to its natural formation and shape of 5 human fingers. This tropical paradise is one of the few natural rainforests surviving in the world today. Walking through the real jungle, you can reach the highest point on the Hainan Island with 1,867metres above the sea level. Only here you can admire all kinds of flora and fauna. Additionally, you will be able to reach the top of the Mountain and enjoy the best view for entire tropical part of Hainan Island. Isn´t it amazing?


The Five Finger Mountain offers tropical scenic spots, high ancient trees, exotic flowers, wildlife animals, insect, enormous butterflies and reptiles, so be ready for this wild adventure in the Hainanese rainforest. While walking through this unique jungle you will be accompanied by all possible and rhythmic nature music and sounds that nowadays are very hard to hear.



Actually, there is something else that you must see in this part of Hainan Island. Just next to the Five Finger Mountain area, you can taste traditional Chinese Tea and see the special customs and culture of the minority group called Li. So, why not combining hiking in the Five Finger Mountain with theoretical and practical lesson of Chinese tea preparation?


Just here, you can find the ´Grace of Nature´ Tea Plantation. This exclusive place is the most southern tea plantation in China what makes it special, unique and definitely worth to visit. In this part of Hainan Island you can meet minority group called Li that will show you their culture, customs and will teach your about traditional way of tea preparation. Additionally, in the Grace of Nature Tea Plantation you will have a chance to see and participate in Chinese Tea Ceremony.



Hainan Island is extremely rich in natural resources, beauty, customs and traditions. On this tropical island,  you can admire natural existing phenomena, see the biggest butterflies in your life or drink traditional Chinese tea. Don’t wait! Book your holiday now! Fly to Hainan Island, discover the Wuzhi Mountain and “Grace of Nature” Tea Plantation.

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