Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Tea and Hiking in Wuzhishan

Tea and Hiking in Wuzhishan

22 May 2019

    Wuzhishan is just a little south of Hainan’s center, and is home to the tallest mountains in the whole island. “Shan” in Chinese means mountains, and “wuzhi” means five fingers, which were named after the five awe-inspiring peaks of Hainan’s greatest mountain. Wuzhishan is the heart of Hainan, and while Sanya and Haikou are very nice as well, the locals like to say, if you haven’t been to Wuzhishan, you haven’t truly experienced Hainan! On a sunny day, you can see the highest peaks in Hainan from a viewing platform nearby, and take in the full majesticity of this virgin land. 

    After a short hike, we visited ‘Grace of Nature’, a traditional Li themed tea plantation. ‘Grace of Nature’ is the highest elevated tea plantation in Hainan, and the furthest south in all of China. Our excellent hosts take pride in growing world-class tea in Hainan’s central highlands were pure air far from any cities or factories and fertile land allows them to prepare high quality tea. We got to experience tea picking, which was a lot of fun! 

We also had the immense pleasure of enjoying a traditional tea ceremony! 

I strongly believe anybody who comes to China should witness a tea ceremony at least once. The patience and grace which they prepare the tea and clean the utensils is truly memorising! 

At 'Grace of Nature' you can also experience the old culture of the Li, the original inhabitants of Hainan Island, including their beautiful traditional clothing. Their clothes are as beautiful as they are friendly and hospitable! Definitely stop by next time you are traveling through Hainan's central highlands!

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