Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Sanya Haichang fantasy town

Sanya Haichang fantasy town

15 May 2019

What has been your experience of virtual reality? If you have experienced anything like I have, perhaps VR glasses, perhaps the VR glasses with the hand and feet monitor where you walk and experience it for yourself. Be prepared to take that experience and be mind blown by a completely different experience of virtual reality!

You can expect to see a 270-degree, 5D cinema experience all about the historical and cultural journey of the Maritime silk road. This Cinema screen is so big, it reaches over multiple floors in the building!

When you leave the movies, you can go on a 88 meter high Ferris wheel, be seated in the arena where there is live entertainment that will keep you laughing and intrigued for your stay!

The indoor virtual reality will show you where the technology is headed! There is a maze to walk through to teach you to balance after all the computerised entertainment.

Hungry? Not a problem, the multiple restaurants and small shops will keep you full and hydrated!

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