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Sanya Atlantis resort

16 May 2019

Atlantis Resort Sanya is a remarkable place of international standards. Leading up to the drive to Atlantis you can see the signature hotel building. Arriving at the lobby, the floral smell fills your aura with a sensation of relaxation and being calm.

The staff can speak English, the building is spacious and well directed with notice boards and staff to assist at designated points.

The aquarium is incredible, the fish are better fed than what they would eat in the wild, they are happy and vibrant. The enclosed areas for the fish accommodate their closest natural environments.

The aquarium showcases fish that are hardly seen for example the Japanese spider crab, cuttlefish and many more.

Leaving the aquarium and moving to the outdoor resort, there are water slides that will keep you wet all day! The showcased slide slips into a glass chamber where you are in a tube surrounded by sharks and much more species of fish.

There are a kiddie’s section and a double wave pool.

The featured tube slides provide excitement for young and old with thrilling experiences lurking around every corner to keep the temperatures down.

There is a designated surfing area where you can show your skills.

The hotel area consists of 1314 luxurious rooms, 21 restaurants to fill every craving you have, a bar to relax and rehydrate after the fun in the sun.

In the Lost Chambers Aquarium, there are over 86,000 marine animals that consist of 28 different species. You can walk outside the glass and stare in awe face to face at each other or if you are daring enough, you can snorkel or dive with them in the Ambassador Lagoon.

This is an absolute ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ showstopping destination for young and old! If you need a recommendation or assistance with making reservations, let us know, we can send the location and booking information!

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