Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Peace and tranquility offered by the Wuzhishan Mountain

Peace and tranquility offered by the Wuzhishan Mountain

21 May 2019

I love the peace and beauty of China’s mountains and ancient towns. On this visit, I enjoyed viewing Wuzhishan mountain and then going to the village of Li. After spending a day of my life here I enjoyed the peace and tranquility offered by the mountains and ancient village of China.

Wuzhishan mountain hainan or hainan five finger mountain, the symbol of Hainan Island is located right in the middle of Hainan Island with a total area of 1130 square kilometers. The Wuzhishan city is named due to the presence of Wuzhishan Mountain. The climate of Wuzhishan is as that of a typical tropical rainforest, with many rain showers all year round.

Why a visit to the Wuzhishan Hainan?

*To experience a real tropical rainforest in China.
*To visit one of the last few natural “Li and Miao” Villages.
*To experience exciting River Rafting on Hainan Island
*To stay in a place where you don’t hear traffic, only bird’s singing and water falls.
*To taste real & authentic local Hainan food (not from a factory).

This area is developed for tourist attraction with hotels and restaurants styled in typical Chinese architecture, lakes filled with lotus flowers, wooden bridges used as walk ways and beautiful landscapes.

The positives are that, this is a very exciting and challenging hike - if you've dreamed about mountain climbing but don't have the experience, this is a good entry-level version. Walking through a very dense forest (and clean air) is nice, and you'll feel very proud of yourself if you're able to complete the climb.

If you don't think you can do the climb but want to see the mountain, there's more to see. There's a waterfall that's supposedly a 30-40 minute walk from the entrance, and a beautiful forest to walk through. It could be worth visiting just for that.

 There were even ladders towards the top to help with the steep climbs. We had a great view on top but didn't have time (or energy) to hike to the highest peak.

After that i have visited Li village. Grace of nature with variety of tea plantation.

The place which is rich in different flavours of tea, hardworking and kind people. I also tried the different flavours of tea. Pluck the tea leaves by wearing their cultural vibrant dresses. I pluck more tea leaves than others and luckily win a box of Black tea which have strong aroma and good taste as well.

After that activity we have had a dinner and a little dance party.

I was most lucky! Who captured the views on camera for a good few minutes and soon after the moon dominated the scene!



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