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One day I walk into the woods

22 May 2019

In Thailand, There is one popular song named 'วันหนึ่งฉันเดินเข้าป่า'; a literal meaning in English is 'One day I walk into the woods'. The main idea of the lyric of this song means if you're tired or hurt by someone then let’s walk into the woods; at least, you don’t have to see someone who is cruel to you. Coincidentally, this week I was hurt by someone and we are going to the woods. (Actually, we are going to the mountain; but anyway, it's almost the same lol) Let's see if the woods can heal me like the lyrics of this song or not…

If you interested in this song, you can listen to it here
This is English lyric version https://youtu.be/rabEEmoNlMk
If you already understand the lyrics meaning, so let’s listen to this original version :) https://youtu.be/HdwiFnUtalI

The first place that we go is in ‘Wuzhi mountain’ (五指山) area, this mountain also know as ‘Five fingers mountain’. Wuzhi means five fingers and the shape of the mountain looks like the clenched hand fist. Also, this place is the highest mountain in Hainan. We take a mini bus and arrive at ‘Five fingers mountain tropical rainforest scenic area’, which is a nature walking trail.

Let’s study history of this place a little bit, as it has a lot of legend stories, but I think the most well-known legend story is fr om a Chinese classic novel ‘Journey to the West’.

The monkey king, also known as ‘Sun Wukong’, was being imprisoned under the Wuzhi mountain (五指山) by Gautama Buddha. The story is very famous as most of Thai people know and have heard of this legend story. I was very surprised to know that this mountain is exactly the same mountain in that Chinese tale. Probably, you might know one of the most popular manga of all time, ‘Dragonball’. The character of ‘Son Goku’ is inspired by the character of Sun Wukong too.

While walking on a trail, you will see a lot of beautiful scenery as this trail has a lot of trees, insects, local people houses, and rivers. I think it’s a good place to relax, you can just go walking and feel the nature; the place helps me slow down my busy life and forget the painful memories for a while.

This place does not only has a beautiful scenery with a beautiful river. They also provide places for tourists to sit and have a rest. If you are tired, you can find such place and enjoin just sitting in the nature.

However, it is a pity that we did not have enough much time to spend. So if you have plenty of time, I’d recommended you to relax and feel the nature here.

After walking about 1 hour, we finished the trail. Then, we had to go to another place, we were quite in a rush. Actually, I wanted to spend more time there but we had to leave as we ran out of time. The second place we visited was the tea plantation ‘The Grace of Nature’.

When you arrive at this place, you will see the local people called ‘Li’ (黎族). They will show you their culture and you can also try their traditional costumes. Moreover, they will also give you a basket, so everyone can pick up tea leaves at the tea plantation place. Then, everyone can make their own cup of tea and enjoy drinking it in the nature! So cool!

At the tea plantation place, you will see a lot of tea leaves. Personally, it makes me feel a little bit weird, because every time I drink tea I buy from the shops or cafes, but today I have a great opportunity to drink a cup of tea that I make by myself. Additionally, this place have local people who help and advise you about:
1. How to collect the tea leaves?
2. How to recognize the type of tea leaves you should pick?
3. How to make the perfect cup of tea?
If you have any questions you can ask them, they are willing to help you :)

If you are tired and want to relax, you can go for a walk. This place also has a good atmosphere wh ere you can see many kind of flowers and butterflies. Sitting and and drinking tea with local people is a good idea too.

After you finished collecting the tea leaves, the local people will gather you together. They will advise you how to make a tea and they will also guide you. For me, it is very interesting as it is very unique thing that they tell us all of the methods of making a cup of tea with fresh leaves. As I mentioned, I have been only buying a tea from the shop, but today I can make a cup of tea by myself and specially it was a local cup of tea!

I really like this place and I wish I could relax here a little bit longer. After tea ceremony, we go down from the mountain and have dinner. Our dinner is a Chinese style barbeque (烧烤). What’s more, we don’t only have a barbecue, but a party, too! We make a campfire, sing, danc, and have lots of fun together. I think it’s such a good moment. At the end of the trip, I can answer myself that ‘woods’ can heal me likes the lyrics has said. But, there is not only the ‘woods’, it should have other elements too, such as friends, encouragement and a good place to relax. 

However, our ‘Fall in love with Hainan’ Program will finish next month. After that, I’ll probably miss all of my friends who participate in this program together with me. I’d like to Thank Hainanlife again for a good opportunity :)

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