Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it…

Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it…

22 May 2019

Hi everyone, Welcome to my new discovering blog. Well, guess what was our next trip?

Before you read this right now, choose one of your coffee or tea, which one would you choose? Wait, let me suggest, pick a tea. You may ask why? You will know after reading my article. This will be interesting.

1. "Five finger mountain" Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area

We went to two places that day. First, we saw the highest mountain in Hainan Island called Wuzhi mountain. Wuzhi Mountain is the symbol of the island. Watching that mountain was like painting. So maybe you can imagine how wonderful it was. Wuzhishan mountain is on 1867m altitude on average.

In fact this mountain is 343m higher than Mountain Tai, long regarded as the premier peak of China's five most famous mountains. Wuzhi means five fingers in Chinese and the mountain owes its name to its formation. The overall shape extends like the five digits of a hand. Tradition has it that this is the hand of Sakyamuni and that the legendary Monkey King cannot escape from its control.

Then we went around the mountain to see the beautiful nature and many years old trees. Surprisingly There were many kinds of spiders. The spider we saw was the biggest spider I'd ever seen in my life. That spider was as big as the palm of human's hand. But I was afraid and I could not take the spider photo. Also you have to know that spider is not dangerous, if you not touch.


Then we went to the river with fresh water. Most people were in the water and had fun. It means they liked that river, because It was a hot day. I very liked that place's environment. Here you can feel calm and you can enjoy listen of bird's tweet.


Although our trip was only one hour, it was adventurous for me. Everyone can’t watch the exotic spiders with one’s own eyes. So I'm really lucky.


2. The tea plantation "Grace of Nature" in Wuzhishan

Where there’s tea there’s hope. -Arthur Wing Pinero

After the Wuzhi Mountain, we went to the tea plantation called Grace of Nature. The local people gave each person a national costume and hand-woven baskets. They said we will collect the tea’s plant in basket. For me it was so interesting. It was unbelievable and amazing to collect the tea’s plants which used to drink tea  everyday in our life. The plantation we visited was in the forest. The reflection of the sun through among the stalks of the trees was so beautiful.


China has a long history and is the pioneer country for tea. I did not know much about tea before. But when it comes to this discovery, i thought tea is a big culture, and tea is almost important than food. Previously, I heard about tea culture. So I'm lucky. I have met the tea culture in pioneer country of tea. And also local people showed us how to make tea by the tea plantations in Wuzhi mountain. What a peaceful and calm, before I drank tea I felt the peaceful from local people's body movement. They also gave us information about black tea and purple “ZiJuan”tea.


For us, the tea was simply understood as lipton tea, or mixing tea. But it was a mistake to think so. In our class was a 33 year old Italian student last season. She told me the tea is a great thing. I understand now.

The tea has many advantages. I think lot of people know about this, but I think they don't know it's exactly what they are. About the tea we drank, it was a black tea and a purple “ZiJuan” tea.



Health Benefits of Black Tea:

  • Helps repair coronary artery dysfunctions in many heart patients.
  • Has a healing effect on intestinal disorders.
  • Extremely beneficial for asthmatic patients, as it expands the air passage, thereby allowing patients to breathe more easily.
  • Helpful for curing digestive disorders.
  • Lowers the risk for heart problems.
  • Aids women in preventing cancerous growth in the breasts, especially women in the pre-menopausal phase

Benefits of Purple “ZiJuan” Tea:

-        The most effective components of both purple tea are anthocyanins. It’s said that the amount of anthocyanins in purple tea is 50-100 times higher than green bud tea.As one kind of polyphenols, anthocyanins are great antioxidants. They are used for preventing cardiovascular and neurological diseases, circulatory disorders, eye problems and inflammation, protecting the skin from the UV damage and improving skin elasticity.


In modern times people prefer to drink coffee. Yes, coffee is really a great thing. But when I came here to think that tea, I realize that it is more wonderful. Their biggest advantage is diversity. I heard about we can treat the disease by tea. Why not? Tea is a plant. Plants are natural, so mankind is also natural. Tea is a wonderful healthy drink.


Local people are really calm and polite. They were very calm during the tea time, and in the evening, they joined  us and were dancing together. I really liked, they were with us like their closest ones. They gave us roasted meat,  and gave us the Shanlan liquor of Wuzhi Mountain. Seemed like a wine for me. Then we dance with bamboo poles and danced around open fire. Our participants was danced really good. They are very talented and funny.


So the day we discovered with tea plantation “Grace of Nature” was interesting. This time we are not tired. We were singing a song till Haikou.

To travel always helps us to discover new things. So I like to travel very much. I hope you will like this blog. I will see you again for my next Blog.

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22 May 2019
Interesting article, very nice photos!