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Let's life more 'FANTASY' here

5 June 2019

I am the one who like to imagine something when I have free time. I always draw and imagine some pictures in my mind. Maybe because I am an illustrator and a graphic designer. So, sometimes I need to imagine something that is not in a reality.

If you want to see something that not fr om reality. What do you do? Sleep and see it in your dream? Watching movies? You don’t need to do that - just come to this place and let your imagination flow.

Once we enter the park, we will get a brochure which has some information of this place, such as, map, guidelines and rules. So, it will be very useful to plan your day fr om this.

The park has six themes village, which consist of China, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands. The first thing that we see is the two tall iconic towers (I will show you a picture of the tower in the evening time at the end of the article), walking for a while we will see a Chinese village.

Walking for a while, the next stop is a giant ship that decorate with Chinese style and dragons. At first, I think it is just an ordinary pirate ship, but, this ship is inspired by the legendary story of ‘Zheng He’s Expedition.’

We enter the ship and I see lot of people in a queue, which makes me think that it will be very fun. We watch 5D animation here and it is very amazing.

We finish our expedition and move to the next place then we know that we have to start our expedition again. This time our expedition is more exciting, because, it doesn’t happen in the world. Here we are at the ‘Star Tours’ and we are going to journey in the space.

'Star Tours' is so much fun and astonishing as so many things happen when we are in the space laboratory. I don’t want to tell you more as you should come to see it by yourself!

On the way to the next stop, you will see a lot of buildings that decorate with a beautiful graffiti. It is a good place to take cool photos to share it with your friends or post in your social media. This time our journey start in space again - we are at ‘Space Flight’ to travel around the galaxy, see a lot of planets, monsters, beautiful atmosphere and come back to the earth.

This is the highlight of this place. It is an extreme stunt show that has motorcycles and cars. I am waiting for it and really excited. The buildings around here have some graffitis too. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take cool photos with a beautiful background and post it on your Instagram!

We are waiting, waiting, waiting, but the entrance still has not open. Suddenly, there’s a band starts to play a music! This makes me feel a little bit better because we are waiting very long time for a show. So, the music has calm me down and it is so relaxing. After the band finish their performance, we just know that the show has been cancelled because it is raining today. It is not secured to do a stun show at this time.

Now we are at ‘Enchanted Fairyland’ wh ere you will see a lot of architectures, which inspired by fairy tales and villages in many countries. Moreover, there are restaurants and performance shows wh ere you can sit and watch a show if you want to relax or you can go for a walk if you want to sightseeing.

(There are not only cool places to take photos but, also restaurants, performance shows which, have singers and dancers, you can go for a walk if you want to sightseeing or sit and see a show if you want to relax.)

I already tell you this place have restaurants and the food look so delicious! If you have kids and they want to be some characters from fairy tales. This time their dreams will come true. There’s an artist to paint the mask for the children.

If you have a time I prefer you to spend all day here because this place is much more beautiful at night. I will show you some pictures. However, what a pity... we have to go back now. So, I could only take these photos and walk back to the bus.

The next trip will be the last trip of ‘Fall in love with Hainan’ program, for me travelling is a good thing but the best thing is spending time with 'friends'. We travelling together for a while and next Friday will be our last trip, see you :D

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