Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Let’s go to China’s Maldives: WUZHIZHOU ISLAND

Let’s go to China’s Maldives: WUZHIZHOU ISLAND

16 May 2019

Wuzhizhou Island, in Haitang Bay, has an area of some 148 hectares (366 acres). With an irregular butterfly-like shape and a total coastline of 5.7 km (3.5 miles), the island is about 38 km (24 miles) north-east of Sanya City.

The island was known as Guqizhou Island in ancient times and the earliest records date fr om the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), when a temple was built to commemorate the originator of Chinese characters, Cang Jie. Following the Qing Government's fall from power, the villagers rebuilt the temple to honor the Goddess Matsu, who bestowed good fortune on the local fishermen. From 1949 this island became an important strategic defense zone. However, from the 1990s, the island began to enjoy a completely new role as a romantic place for holiday and leisure.

As Wuzhizhou Island is in a tropical marine zone, the climate is temperate and pleasant all year round. It is an ideal place for vacation, winter swimming as well as entertainment. There are over 2,700 plant varieties on the island, including the tall trees and dense bushes. The eastern and southern parts of the island are hilly and two high mountains connect to form a peak about 79.9 meters (262 feet) high. In the west and north, the terrain is level. Soft white sand stretches as far as the eye can see beside a crystal clear blue sea, wh ere protected coral reefs are rich in conches, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and tropical fishes of various colors.

As well as Goddess Matsu Temple, there are many places of interest to visit including the Lover's Bridge, Sunrise Rock, the Gold Turtle Stretching toward the Sea, Lover's Island and the Life Well.

Lover Bridge

The bridge is located right beside the wharf on the island. The Lover Bridge was used to be a steel cable bridge and was an Observatory Site for the troops on the island. While walking on this shaky steel cable bridge, it takes a lot of guts and courage. Some young ladies wanted to get to the end of Observatory Site to see what to see, but they were afraid of falling into the sea, so they would hold their boyfriends’ hand tightly and never let it go. This is the story about the bridge. Afterwards, to take the safety of tourists into consideration, steel cable bridge was rebuilt to a plank bridge as it looks now.

White Beach

It is regarded as the Maldives in China. It got its name for its white and soft sand beach. The White Beach is the only beach by which you can swim. In other beach on the island, swimming is not allowed.

Sun-view Rock

White Beach is sited by a cliff at the southeast of Wuzhizhou Island. Standing on the rock, you can have a wonderful overview bird's-eye view of the island. This is also a perfect site to see sunrise in the morning. If you decide to stay over night to enjoy the sunrise, please inquire for the sunrise time in your hotel, they would be glad to offer you the info. 

Sea viewing corridor:

The wood corridor and platform have been put up along the sea on the west of the island, from which you can find many crabs “walking” on the rocks and crowds of tropical fish.

Apart from these natural sites, swimming pools, bars, gymnasiums and other places of entertainment are available in the northwest part of the island.

For those who love extreme sports there are facilities for surfing,diving,gliding,sailing and canoeing. For relaxation there is sun bathing and sea water bathing. In addition, Wuzhizhou Island is famous for scuba diving as coral reefs and brightly colored tropical fish abound in the warm water.

Hotels and Resorts

For those who want to spend some nights on the island, Wuzhizhou Island Holiday Center offers 81 Guest Rooms with a choice of perfect facilities. Onshore Wooden Cabin and the Presidents' Villa on the southern seashore, and other rooms located in the inner island, such as Deluxe Mountain Room and Sea-view Wooden Building are all very pleasant. Furthermore, all the rooms have views of the fine scenery of the island.


In addition to the natural attractions of the island, tourists are certain to be pleased by the delightful catering facilities here. In the south of the island there are the Buffet Lunch Restaurant, the Pirate Bar, the Seafood Pool and the Chinese Restaurant all providing excellent food. The Summer Western Food Restaurant in the east corner and the Winter Western Food Restaurant in the west corner of the island also offer a choice of delicious food. Local caught lobsters, prawns, crabs, conch, sea cucumbers and jellyfish will make your mouth water! Furthermore, this island is rich in fruits; bananas, coconuts, mangos and other tropical fruits are plentiful and inexpensive.

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