Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Island in your soul…

Island in your soul…

16 May 2019

Yes, our next trip was the Wuzhizhou Island. When we arrived here we were surprised, where is the island. But soon we were on a big boat and went to the island. Yes, from here will start this island’s true miracle. Unfortunately, this day was a shady day. We saw from the video advertisement that island was more beautiful and the ocean was deep blue when it sunny and sky when blue. We have been on the bus for tourists, and during round the island we have seen a lot of interesting things. They said “Wo ai lo” mean is “I love you” in Hainan language. Then we said "wo ai lo", when we every meet with the people and the workers. It seemed to me that the people of this island were very kind and polite.



I told you, I love crazy adventures. Yes, here are some crazy things too. For example surfing, fly board, over the ocean drift by a motor boat etc. I wanted to try all that, but our time was short, so we just rode through the motor boat and drifted several times over the ocean. It was a crazy feeling.

Also one of the most liked things is the island’s food restaurant. Buffet canteen is ideal for tourists and travelers. Because there are many different nationalities. Here are a variety of food options, and drinks, snacks and fruits.



And they gave us the gift. How did they know i love read a book? I loved it.

Look at these happy children. Adorable kids run around everywhere, and it's a beautiful place with a really warm atmosphere.

Although the two-day trip was long, I almost forgot tired myself, cause it was so interesting. Later, all of us slept on the bus. But we went back to Haikou with a great photos and videos of memorable travel experiences. Is not it awesome? Hainan's discovery continues ...


From Sanya Phoenix Airport, you can take bus 27 and get off at Yalong Bay (Asian Dragon Bay) Railway Station and then transfer to bus 28 to the island wharf. If you take a taxi from the airport to the wharf, the price is about CNY 130 and a one-way trip takes about 50 minutes.

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19 May 2019
Wow so interesting, i want to travel Hainan
18 May 2019
her motivation and took pictures are so great and i think it was the best!