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"Into the Wild"

1 May 2019

"Journey to Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden"

It is the first large tropical wildlife and botanical park of China, collecting not less than 4000 rare birds and including 200 animal species.

It is located in Dongshan town, Haikou

With over years of effort and supports the park has made brilliant achievements, becoming national AAAA class tourist attraction.

Once you arrive the guides will provide you with a GPS device that can track your location and give you the information of each animals when you get nearby. You can choose from 5 languages (Korean,Russian,English,Japanese and Chinese). This safari park is totally different from any other western zoo parks, its divided into 2 parts including walking and driving. In drive-thru part you can get up close with elks,elephants,African Lions and bears.

It is not an urban zoo with high walls and iron cages, you will pass through the lions and beers with car feeling of "Person in cage and animal in wild"

You can also feed the animals for small amount of money buying their favorite foods,which will leave you an amazing experience.  

You cant miss the special hybrid Liger(Male lion&Female tiger) and Tigon(Male tiger&Female lion).

In the walking part you can see hippos, monkeys, crocodile,giraffes,snakes,lizards,birds,horses,flamingos and surprisingly pandas.It is very organized, and clean, you can see the signs and zoo map everywhere. 

Filled with tropical styles and Pure wildness its a must visit place!

The staff and services are very friendly here, minimum you should spend here about 3 to 4 hours.

I suggest to try out the "Flamingo restaurant" which is quite big and pleasant place for rest and sight seeing. The foods are tasty and should try their hainan traditional foods including the wenchang chicken.

You can purchase a raw chicken meat attached to a fishing pole for the crocodiles for 20RMB, will make an amazing photo or video also an interesting experience for your lifetime. You could also walk into the monkey land and feed play with them its quite fun, I suggest this place if you visiting with small kids or on family trip. 

I sincerely invite you to this Wildlife park and botanical garden, Feeling the tropical rain forest and see an unique animals.

In summary, a good outbring to bring your children and an definitly visit place especially if you haven't seen a panda. During sunny days consider bringing an umbrella with you.

Will defenitly visit again :) 

Thank you for Department of Tourism and culture of Hainan province also Hainan life team for giving us this amazing opportunity and wonderful trip :)

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