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Inside every adult there's still a child that lingers

5 June 2019

  Hi everyone, I’m glad to see you again. Last weekend we went to the “Global 100 Theme Park” in Hainan. Well, I’m confused, I don't know where to start writing those amazing things. But please try to imagine guys, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Mr Bean” world in here...

This place was my first time where in visited here. For me it was really a surprise. After I got out of the bus when I see the park, I directly exclaimed "Wow". Yes it’s true. Very excited, because there were two twin towers like the towers of Disneyland. This day was a special day. Guess what? This day was a children’s day , 1st June. Our program’s organizers planned very well this day.  My country every year celebrates this day. Every child goes to the park with his parents on this day. What I want to say, I just felt like I cameback in my childhood one more time. I think every adult is still a child in own heart. Especially on this day. I would like to thank the program’s organizers for giving me the feeling like a child. Welcome to my new discovering blog…



After the park entrance, the fabulous thing that we first saw, was a giant ship. Maybe you can’t imagine, such a big ship. I love the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Yeah, when you look at that ship, you will immediately feel like a pirate ship. But it's looks so gorgeous and elegant. I have never imagined that I can see in my own eyes this beautiful giant ship like a fairytale. The ship's around is designed like a old royal palace. If you are planning to travel to Hainan, you can see the giant ship with your own eyes only in the movie.


Then, of course, as I was expecting, we entered in the ship. There were so many people line up. We sat on a plane and participated in the maritime war. Guess how? It was a 5D world. The feeling was given to us like we were standing on the platform of the ship and we were in the war. The floor was moving, the water was spraying... It was an amazing 5D.


Guess what ? the next part is like a real feeling

It was a star tours. We entered to the hall like a movie theater. We truly didn’t know what was waiting for us. Travel started. One big elephant came out and sprayed water on us, it was a real spraying water. Next mice and snake came out. It seems to me a real like snakes are going under my seat, mice are rushing on the ground, even I took off my 3D glasses for short time. But it wasn't scary, it was really crazy and fun. Perhaps no one imagined, that would be a real feeling fr om the screen and the seat.


The trip I liked more

It was a space journey. The outside section of the hall, you will feel like you're in a spacecraft. And I only watched like this environment fr om the movies. I just want to say OMG. At this moment my dreams became true. I told in my introduction, I’m a space lover. Space is my ultimate dream and interested. It was just the best moment of this day. I only saw the Saturn by a telescope. At this time, we went to Saturn and traveled through the Saturn's belt. I exclaimed very loudly "Look! it's the Saturn". I always think how the Saturn’s belt is like. And think how I will feel if I travel with the light’s speed. At this time, we traveled between the stars by speed of light. I was very excited until the end of the journey. Also exclaimed very loudly Look at this beautiful planet; woohoo under the sea etc. Yes, my dream became true wh ere I travelled between the stars. I’d like to thank again the program “Fall in love with Hainan”.



Extreme stunt show

Unfortunately, the show was canceled because it was raining on this day. But I know that this show would be an amazing. Because of the best international performers show their performance here.


While we were waiting to see this show, the saxophone band showed us the nice performance in the open field. I liked the song they played.


Do you love the “Wonderland”?

I think everybody love the “Wonderland”. Here you can see the beautiful houses with your own eyes only in the fairytale. When we were walking in this wonderland, the sun was shining and the sky was beautiful. It was like a fairytale. Besides these gorgeous houses, there are a delicious food restaurant and the dishes prepared by professional chefs.



There is a large stage in the wonderland,  where international artists perform great shows every night. And you can taste the delicious food made by the cookers while watching the show.



The UK-themed village, incorporates characters such as James Bond, Mr. Bean and Alice in Wonderland beside architectural emblems including castles, country villages and industrial landscapes.


Actually I didn’t want to get out of this place. Try to imagine, around that place, there is a chocolate building, musical instruments building, building with car’s pictures and the big time building. So how can I want to go out of this place. But it was time for us to leave from here.


At that moment the park's light on were even more beautiful. Although it was late, the performances still continued. That giant ship looked even more beautiful with the light on.



So it's time to go back. We were really happy to go back, because we all liked everything in that place.  If you want to visit a fairy tale world, come to this place. I can confidently say that you will like 100 percent. I will see you again for my next Blog.

长影环球100 文化旅游度假区

Global 100 Theme Park

Address: Haikou , Xiuying District, Yeahai Avenue, 100.

Ticket price: adult - 288 yuan, children - 168 yuan, student - 220 yuan, elderly (from 70 years) - 198 yuan (special offers with discounts can be viewed through the Chinese discounter Meituan - 美团).

How to get to the park:

1)      By taxi (address in Chinese is above).

2)      By bus (bus stop is on the opposite side from the North gate of Hainan University (万福新村) bus No. 21 to (美舍河大桥) - (美舍河大桥) change the bus - No. 96 to the stop of the " Global 100 Theme Park " (total journey time about 1 hour 30 minutes).

3)      Direct (stop on the opposite side of the North gate of Hainan University (万福新村) tourist route 4(旅游4线), total journey time about 2 hours).

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