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How to Have a Fun Day : Atlantis

16 May 2019

Don't you want to meet various marine animals in the Sanya?

Visit the educational and wonderful aquarium on your trip with the children. And come to ride a fast and fun water slide with your friends. Of course, here are also waiting for great food for you!


What is the 《Atlantis》?    

  • Built around the myth of the lost continent of Atlantis, along the Haitang Bay National Coast, Atlantis Sanya is the first Atlantis resort in China.
  •  Atlantis is a resort that celebrates the majesty and mystery of the ocean.
  •  revolutionary water play in Aquaventure Waterpark, exotic marine exhibits and incredible dining experiences.
  •  Already a leading holiday destination, Sanya will be transformed into the new centre for entertainment in China with the addition of this new trailblazing landmark.

1. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

  • There are over 86,000 marine animals across 280 different species.

  • Walk through the glass tunnels, you can meet Sharks, stingrays, arapaimas, lobsters, and the tiniest of seahorses

  • Beluga : You can meet the cute Belugas in here, which looks like a smile on his face. Unlike large body, they are gentle and mysterious.

  • jellyfish : You can see many different species of jellyfish here. Come and see the more beautiful jellyfish right now, combined with the colorful lighting.

  • There is a diver who feeds fish and a beautiful mermaid.

  • Designed around the theme of the Lost City of Atlantis, the underwater tunnels serve as an immersive experience into this lost civilisation of ship wrecks and ruins.

2. Aquaventure Waterpark

First, Experience a variety of water slides here now!

①Leap of Faith :This 8-story tall mega-slide will hurtle you down its near-vertical drop in a mere second.

②Rapids River: 2km river adventure that propels into high intensity rapids, wave surges and waterfalls that meanders through the lush tropical waterscape of Aqua venture.

③Speedloop :It’s a near-vertical chute, accelerating to a top speed of 13.8 m/s.

④Splashers :A water playground featuring exhilarating water games, 21 water slides and rides.


Second, Let's take a rest here.

It has a lot of beach beds, and there are food trucks everywhere. There is also a restaurant inside the water park where you can taste food from various countries.

Last, beautiful view!


  •  Open year-round
  •  Aqua venture operation hour: 10:00-18:00.
  •  Ticketing Center operation hour: 9:30-17:00.

Reference : https://www.atlantissanya.com/

Directions : Haitang Bay, Sanya 572000, Hainan,China

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