Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan How knowledgeable is your animal-formation?

How knowledgeable is your animal-formation?

1 May 2019

During this week, we went to The Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical gardens. The gardens and geographical location are perfectly located outside the city, far away from the daily rat race and it offers the opportunity to become one with the animals, to see their behaviours and experience what they look like in real life. The question is how knowledgeable is your animal-formation? Can you identify them by looking at their eyes only?



  1. Alligators and Crocodiles are different, in various aspects but the most visual is when a crocodile closes its mouth, its teeth show but when an Alligator closes its mouth, the teeth don’t show.
  2. Elephants are extremely emotional creatures and can cry and mourn as humans do! They can pick up small things like coins with their trunks and things as big as trees. They have millions of senses within their trunks and nasal cavities.
  3. Giraffe tongues can be up to 51 cm long; they can run shortly after birth. They usually stand and sleep. Their hearts are up to two feet long and can weigh up to 11 kilograms.
  4. Hippos cannot swim but they need water to survive the heat and sunrays. The milk of a hippo is bright pink. Although they seem lazy, they can run up to 30km/h
  5. Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal. Horses have about 205 bones in their heads. With the position of their eyes, they can see almost 365 degrees all the time.
  6. You will be able to hear a Lion roar up to 8 kilometres away! The male lion usually doesn’t hunt for food, the female lions do but the male helps when the prey is too big and strong for them. Lions are not considered to be the most dangerous wild animal in Africa, the Hippo is.
  7. Did you know that there are currently 265 known species of monkeys? Although it is known that every monkey eats bananas, the bananas that we get in retail stores are specifically cultivated and grown for human consumption and should not be given to monkeys, its too sweet for them.
  8. An Ostrich is considered to be the largest bird but is flightless, it only runs and cannot fly. It can run up to 70km/h and has a leg stride of up to 5m. Interestingly, Ostriches have three stomachs
  9. An Owl can turn it’s head 270 degrees and is extremely fast at it too. They have to turn their heads to see due to the fixed eye tubes in their skulls. They mainly lurk around at night to hunt. There are 200 known species of owls and are masters at camouflage.
  10. Vultures have such an extensive wingspan to be able to glide through the air for hours searching for meals. They are seen as the cleaners of the wild as they prey on sick and dead animals. Their heads are usually bare from feathers to prevent it from becoming infected after feasting.


These animals and so much more are all available to see at the Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical gardens. The park is well equipped and staffed with translation devices, tour guides and entertainment staff that may give a local lunchtime show when you are around for showtime.

The extensive walking area is aromatic with flowers and luscious green with trees as high as buildings. It has an electric dinosaur park for the kids and many information boards available to add the botanic education.


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