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23 April 2019

"Hi-Vision" Center, your business-class trip on the way to your vision recovery.

Hainan Vision Center is an official clinic located in Hainan Island China. Hainan has come to be associated both at home and abroad with health. Historically, the island has been known for its inhabitants’ living to a ripe old age. The quality of the air and water, as well as the overall quality of life to be found here are among the best in China. The Chinese government is pursuing a policy to turn Hainan into China’s national healthcare hub. This much-vaunted concept of an ‘international tourism island’ is slowly being put into place by turning Hainan into one massive resort. There are plans to set up medical clusters containing among the finest clinics in China and even the world.

Hainan vision clinic mission is to provide our patients with the best cure and education about their eyes and advice on the best eye wear most fullfilling to their lifestyle needs. The vision clinic has wide range of operations not available in  the world's other premier clinics with a chief surgeon who has successfully conducted over 70,000 opretaions from all over the world. "Hi-Vision" clinic provides services in English, Russian and  of course Chinese.

"Hi-Vision" clinic center in Hainan services and products based on, Eye exam, Contuct lenses fitting, Opticans Services and products.

What do we treat?

Each surgery is tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient. More than 66,000 patients have restored their vision at our Center. Thanks to the accumulation of the tremendous experience, the operations performed at the “Hi-vision” Center are at the boundary of their possibility and exceed the capability of all other clinics in China and of many first-class clinics in the world.
Compare the range of treatments "Hi-vision" Clinic provide at their Center with other clinics and see for yourself:

Complicated cases

The "Hi-Vision" Center in Hainan are well aware that in Russia, there is still widespread prejudice against goods and services coming from China. Many Russians share the opinion that our country provides goods and services with only one merit: low price. Nowadays China has moved far away from this position and supplies the market with the newest innovative products. The Center of the laser vision correction “Hi-vision” is a good example of the advanced development of China. The Clinic do not only compare favorably with other clinics in China, but they are one of the leading medical treatment facilities in the world. Patients fr om the USA, EU, Former Soviet Republics, Asia, Africa and Latin America, who were refused treatment in other countries come to us(Hi-vsion Center in Hainan).
- treat patients with high diopters
-  perform surgeries on very thin cornea
- provide surgeries to older people (other clinics refuse patients over 45 years old)
-  correcting negative effects of operations performed at other clinics, and of outdated laser correction surgeries of the first generation (РК/RK, ФРК/PRK) - 
- In special cases (when visual impairment interferes with everyday life or creates health hazards), accept children.


Correction of negative outcomes from operations performed at other clinics

Unfortunately, being pioneers in the eye surgery field, ophthalmologists of the past could not secure high results in ideal eyesight recovery due to the following reasons:
- Experimental nature of operations
- Immaturity of technology
- Immaturity of equipment (surgical tools were far from micron accuracy)
- A lot of post-operation restrictions, the violation of which led to negative outcomes of the treatment
- No adequate supervision over ophthalmology apprentices
As the result, many operations were unsuccessful. In some cases, defects of eyesight came back. There were cases of after surgery complications.
If you have complications after PK/RK or ФРК/PRK operations, "Hi-Vision" Center would be more than happy to help you to get rid of them.

Are there any restrictions?

Please note, there are some patients they do not do surgery on. They have done everything they could to be able to provide their services to as many patients as possible. Many patients refused by other clinics all over the world have been accepted and treated at their Center! Nevertheless, they are not all-powerful; there are few restrictions which cannot be overcome even at  “Hi-vision” Center. Here are those contraindications:
--Autoimmune disease, collageoases, arthritis
--Primary and secondary immune deficiency
--Keratikonus with thin cornea
--Cataract in any stage
--Detachment of the retina
-- Herpes simplex and herpes zoster
--Pregnancy or nursing. 
--Under influence of alcohol or other “consciousness expanding” substances

The surgery is not recommended for:

-Children or adolescents younger than 18.
-Patients with cardio stimulator
-Patients with acute or chronic inflammatory condition of the anterior and posterior parts of the eye, or of the lacrimal passage Patients under 16-18 years; an operation is performed only when visual impairment interferes with everyday life or creates the health hazard. This is related to the fact that by the age of 18 the eyeball is not completely formed and continues to grow like other organs. Hence, when the eyeball is completely formed, another surgery may be needed. However, in special cases (when visual impairment interferes with everyday life) it is better to do surgery, and we readily will accept young patients at our “Hi-vision” Center, wh ere the great and unique practice of such surgeries had been accumulated.

-Pregnancy and the nursing period is the time when hormone levels in woman’s body change drastically. The Clinic strongly recommend waiting until hormone levels stabilize after the nursing period is over.

Before the operation

The flight to the Center will not interfere with the operation (and there is no restriction to fly the next day after the operation).
The clinc recommend patients stop wearing contact lenses a week before the operation.
The clinic strongly recommend that you fill in and send out the patient questionnaire list before you arrive for the operation. Your answers will allow us to optimize your stay at the Center. It will also help them to identify and inform you if your operation would be a basic surgery or should be considered a special case. Base surgery price is fixed, and a special case surgery price should be discussed separately.
Please do not worry if you are not sure how to fill in the questionnaire section regarding your vision condition. Upon arrival to the “Hi-vision” Center, you will get a highly professional eye exam, the results of which will finalize the type of required operation.

Highly professional diagnostic eye exam

The operation is successful if the diagnosis is correct. That is why the first thing to do after you arrive at the “Hi-vision” Center is to register and fill in the patient chart; then, we provide complete highly professional diagnostic of your vision. The diagnostic takes about two to three hours and will include:

Stage one:
-a computer check of visual acuity
-computer measurement of ocular tension
-computer astigmatism check and building the corneal surface curvature graph.


After this, you are invited to the relaxation area wh ere a medical nurse administers dilating drops called mydriatic eye drops into your eyes. Dilating eye drops enlarge your pupils, do not cause any pain and are harmless. They use the most recent and certified products. The drops are administered 4 times at 15-minutes intervals. Dilating eye drops, also known as mydriatics, from the Latin word “mydriasis,” enlarge the pupil and are widely used in ophthalmological practice. Those drops are used for diagnostic purposes and allow the eye doctor to do fundoscopy (Ophthalmic Fundus examination) and see into the eye in detail and discover all possible abnormalities (like degeneration, perforation, detached retina) that cannot be detected with a normal-sized pupil.
Patients with iridocyclospasm (pseudomyopia) can be diagnosed with the use of dilating drops. Dilating drops work by relaxing the focusing muscles of the lenses of the eye. This allows the eye doctor to get the most accurate measurement of patient’s visual acuity. This product group is used to treat iridocyclospasm by relaxing tense eye muscles; tension occurs while a person is working with close objects (computer monitor, reading books and documents, etc.) and results in reduced or farsighted visual acuity. Before, atropine was used for this purpose; nowadays drops with a temporary effect are used more often, including the contemporary type of such drops which they use at the “Hi-vision” Center
Mydriatics are widely used to treat iridocyclitis. The drops immobilize the iris and reduce complications like pupil seclusion.
After the 4th administration of the eye drops, when your pupils enlarge, we invite you to the next stage of the eye examination.


Stage two: 

They repeat stage one tests: computer check of visual acuity, computer measurement of ocular tension, computer astigmatism check and build the corneal curvature graph.
After that, the test results are printed on a special printer and inserted into your chart.
Also, they check your vision using a visual acuity table.
Then, you are invited into a dark room wh ere, with the help of the special tools, the following will be performed:
-check for eyes inflammation
-Ophthalmic Fundus examination

After the above, your eyes are washed, and you are invited to the final stage of examination with the use of high-precision instruments.


Stage three:
-cornea thickness check-up
-line of vision length check-up
After this your first day at the “Hi-vision” Center is complete, and you can rest.
All dilating drops can cause temporary blurry vision as if you are in the pool underwater with open eyes. This is normal, and you should not be worried. Russian-speaking staff member will take you to a cafe/restaurant or the hotel.

During surgery

The operation takes place on the 2nd day of your stay at the “Hi-vision” Center, usually in the afternoon.
After you arrive at the Center on the 2nd day, Mrs. Liang Chun, the Head of our Center, personally performs the check-up examination.
The results of this check-up finalize the operation properties.

When you come for the surgery, you are invited into the completely sterile pre-surgical room. You will have to put on sterile slippers provided by the Center, a gown over your clothes,s and a hat.

In the pre-surgical room, the medical nurse will wash your eyes with a sterile solution and administer painkilling drops. Your eyes become numb which makes the surgery even less painful. Your vision acuity will not worsen.
Then you are invited into the surgery room, wh ere the team of doctors under the supervision of your main surgeon (Ms. Liang Chun, the Head of the Center, is the main surgeon for these operations) is waiting for you.

Throughout the surgery, Foreign-speaking staff member will be nearby.

You will have to lie down for the operation. The operation itself takes no longer than 5 minutes. It is entirely painless. Talking and moving during the surgery is prohibited. Throughout the LASIK surgery, you are asked to focus on a small red dot that appears before your eyes. This is all you have to do. The Foreign-speaking staff member will be by your side and inform you about everything the surgeon is doing, so you will not be scared, and you will know what is going on!
After the main part of the surgery is over you are brought back to the pre-surgery room wh ere eye drops will be administered into your eyes one more time.
Within two hours of when this is finished, you may go back to your work!

After the operation

You will not feel any pain after the surgery. Slight discomfort is possible. This is normal, do not worry. Foreign-speaking staff member will take you to cafe/restaurant or the hotel. The Administrator will give you a prescription for the post-operative medications, eye drops, and ointment that will protect your eyes from post-surgery infection and will ease any pain.
Four types of post-operative medications will be prescribed (3 types of eye drops and one ointment). The drops should be administered one drop into each eye over 4 weeks. Medication regimen will be printed out for you and sent to your e-mail upon request.
There is a list of restrictions on patients’ everyday life after outdated surgeries that are still performed in some clinics. It is not the case for the “Hi-vision” Center patients!
-no need to wear a blindfold
-no need to wear sunglasses
-no motion restrictions
-no restrictions on reading or working on the computer
-no restrictions on sports and fitness
You can get back to work in just 2 hours after the surgery!
In fact, it is advised to put more strain on the eyes than usual - more reading, work on the computer or using the cell phone.

The next day after the operation, before lunch, Ms. Liang Chun, the Head of the Clinic, performs a final and free of charge checkup examination to clients who signed up for the operation through their website.

For more info;

Laser vision correction Center "HI-VISION", Hainan Island, China.
license Number: 400098460100417936 from 27.06.2011
E-mail: HiVisionKang@126.com
Phone: +86 186-0891-2216, J.S.Kang
WhattsUp: +86 186-0891-2216
WeChat: HiVisionKang
Vk: http://vk.com/hi_vision

Thank you to Department Of Tourism and Culture of Hainan Province.



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