Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan "Heaven on Earth"

"Heaven on Earth"

24 April 2019

First of all Thank you for Hainan life team and Department of Tourism and Culture of Hainan province for making this amazing program "Fall in love with Hainan"

Our First destination was Mission Hills Resort known as China's top golf leisure resort and luxurious hotel with many entertainment and dinning facilities,It hosted region's and worlds important golf tournaments including World Cup of golf and Asian Championships. I spent here about 1 hour walking through the hotel lobby and golf complex, its very organized also have very kindly service and English&Russian speaking receptionists.I would recommend Mission Hills Resort in Hainan would be the best destination for any tourists or visitors looking for world class golfing.

WHAT A FASCINATING PLACE TO VISIT! It is also a choice for many professional golf players as well as many celebrities come to play for their vacations. If you cant play golf and would want to study , Mission Hills offer 10 golf courses for all skills and have a very friendly service.  

So I suggest to everyone prepare your luggages now and come enjoy the 20-square kilometer golf complex while drinking coconut juice and enjoying the sunshine. :)

Attractions in Mission hills also include the Movie Town, The asian Universal studios :)

A cinematic theme park by the Mission Hills Resort and Chinese famour director Feng XiaoGang. It have 2 main zones the "1942" (Seems like streets from WW2) and "Nanyang" street(Colonial shophouses). I spent here about 2 hours, went through all those building shops and museums.Its a very charming streets and many amazing spots the take a picture,It felt like I went back to 1940s.

As you can see,there are many souvenir shops and street performers typical of the region. You can rent a buggy or a horse to tour around. You can find a shop which allows you to rent their period costumes to take pictures with within the entire movie town which is quite amazing. There is not so many crowds like other famous attractions,you can freely walk anywhere and enjoy the absolute old times.

Overall, It was a super fun day and i wish i had more time to explore. You cant miss this Asian Universal park !


The Volcanic Mineral Hotsprings, I call the "Heaven on Earth:

Truely stunning, if its your first experince with hotspings i bet you are disappointed with any other hot springs after visiting by this amazing Mission hills hot springs. An huge area inspired by five regions - Asia, Oceania,North & South America, Europe ,Middle east and Africa.This hot springs is located in the volcaninc area of the Hainan island. 

This hot springs features 168 hot and cold springs of different temperatures. Pure spring water drawn from 800 meters underground is rich in minerals and recognized for their health boosting and therapeutic benefits. Each spring is good for 4 to 6 persons. If you can spare a day to do this, you will surely not regtet it. I spent around 2 hours here and didnt made it to all continents so i suggest minimum 3-4 hours of staying, every single spring has special benefits to human body and all were written in every single spring which makes people easier to understand.So many beautiful statues as you can see and plenty of sport to take a picture. It was a wonderful day and I had the best peace of mind here. 

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