Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Have you ever heard of Bo'ao?

Have you ever heard of Bo'ao?

10 June 2019

Outside of Hainan, most people have only heard of Haikou and Sanya, but there is plenty of places on the island worth a visit. One such place is a small town on Hainan's east coast called Bo'ao, that in recent years, has been making a name for itself all over Asia and the World. 

With the convenience of China's highspeed trains, Bo'ao makes for a great weekend trip for expats in Haikou and Sanya. For those cycling or roadtripping in Hainan, a short visit to Bo'ao can also break up the distance between the island's two major cities. Just don't be surprised if a short visit turns into a long one! 

Like the island as a whole, there is much to be discovered in Bo'ao. Here's three places to start: 

#1. Taoji Resort Hotel 

First, you'll likely want to find a place to stay. I'm more of a budget, backpacking, adventure traveler myself, but even I have to admit it's nice to treat oneself to some luxury every once in a while. I think everyone in our crew who tried the resort's excellent buffet and massage services would agree! 

Better yet, the resort is located right on the water, with a beautiful white sand, blue water beach where you can see dozens of kitesurfers from all over China and the world. 


#2. Bo'ao Zen Temple 

Further relaxation might be found through meditation at Bo'ao's Zen Buddhist Temple, or at the very least, you'll be impressed by the temple's traditional and grand architecture. Take your time to slowly walk through each building. Try to take in the many subtleties of the art in the woodwork, paintings, and statues. 

The highlight of the temple is a massive Buddhist statue you won't want to miss inside a tall pagoda at the very back of the complex. 


#3. Bo'ao Forum for Asia 

Since the first forum in 2002, this annual meeting of the Asia-Pacific region's greatest minds in politics, business, and academia has really began to put Bo'ao on the map. Every year, some of the most influential people in the world meet to discuss Asia's future development and most pressing issues. Regular attendents include political juggernauts like Chinese President Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang. Even Bill Gates attended in 2013. The venue of this important event is open to visitors year round. 

Many more places of interest await you in Bo'ao and of course, there is no shortage of palm trees and delicious coconuts! 

Enjoy Hainan! 

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