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4 June 2019

China is quietly building a $6 billion, 420-acre theme park in southern China. And not surprisingly, the designs for the movie-inspired Global 100 theme park look amazing. Global 100 is under construction in Haikou, the capital and most populous city of Hainan, China’s southernmost province. Global 100 will be the largest theme park in the world at 420 acres.

 Changying Global 100 Fantasty Park (Chinese: 长影环球100奇幻乐园), also known as Changying Wonderland, is an under-construction amusement park in Haikou, Hainan, China. It is located around 12 km west of downtown Haikou, and around 7 km south of Haikou's west coast area.

The park is comprised of six themed “villages,” representing the following countries:

  • China
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

Each village is inspired by the culture and history of its respective country.

This is the Map of Global 100 Amusement Park that will guide you through your journey in the park.

Firstly i want to share my experience with you, by the time i walked into Global 100 amusement park i was totally blown away, i could not believe what i see because i've been to Disneyland in Shanghai and Hongkong, and to compare Disneyland and Global 100 amusement park, i will say Global 100 amusement park is the most and unbelievable park i've never seen in my life. The park is just amazing and it is design for your leisure, retail and hospitality environment. In addition Global 100 amusement park in Haikou will be one of the biggest park in China and will be one of the best  in the world.  

These are some pictures fr om the Global 100 amusement park that will give you a clear perspective of what it'll look like;

Secondly, i want to let know about one of the best part in park which we did not have a chance to watch the show because it rain that time, but i am gonna tell about it. So this place is call "Extreme Stunt Show", you might wanna know what exactly is going to happen, well you will ecxperience lights, motors and actons. This will be the best thing to experience while visiting the park. The show is perform by some of our professional bike and car riders all around the world, for example, Mexico, France, Spain etc.

It just wouldn't be a day at the park – the amusement park that is – without a hearty chorus of screams. Parks have long appealed to our innate, cathartic desire to get our pulses racing and our adrenaline pumping. To better help us confront and conquer our fears, they've upped the ante lately with taller, faster, and more devilish contraptions. How devilish? Any one of the country's most thrilling rides would surely leave you breathless (after you've finished screaming, of course). 

There is also some great peformances that you can see while explorng the park. 

This ia another place you don't want to miss out, 4D Dream maker will take you to another level of experience with the amazing animate cartoons. I had so much fun and i couldn't hold on to some part of the cartoon wh ere it'll make you scream out loud and have to jump off your seat. So don't miss out on this because you'll be screaming like no one is beside you.

Furthermore i will show you around the park, and there's some buildings which are still under construction and it'll be open soon. If you are wondering if there's a place to eat or not, the Global 100 amusement park also have place to eat in.


Additional info;

Global 100 Theme Park

Address; Haikou, Xiuying District, Yeahai Avenue, 100.

Ticket Price; Adult- 288yuan, Children- 168yuan, Student- 220yuan, Elderly(from age of 70)- 198yuan (special discount from the chinese Discounter Meituan)

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