Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Hainan tropical wildlife park & botanical garden .

Hainan tropical wildlife park & botanical garden .

29 April 2019


Hainan tropical  Botanical Garden, which is located in Dongshan town ,Xiuying district of haina island can be a good place to get touch with exotic experience. Hainan Island is one of the few places in China that lies in the tropical climate zone.So this place is 27 kilometer away fr om Haikou City.According to auto guide machine which will provide by them it is said that it covers more than 5000 mu area and collecting not less than 4000 rare birds and animals including 200 species .This place become more interesting when Giant Pandas Gonggong and Shunshun fr om Sichuan Province came to Hainan and made public debut after being adapted to their new home at hainan tropical botanical garden.          

As you reach  will be provided  automatic guide machine which has map in it with a voice  which guide you about which point you can get off your vehicle to see which animal .It gives you all details about animal, planet and their specialities .

A zoo/safari experience unlike any other. It begins with a vehicle tour wh ere you get off a various stations to see elks, elephants, wild boars, camels, ponies, etc. At each station, there will be an option to feed the or take a ride (Hours,pony or camel). This is interspersed with two safari-style drive-thru stations housing the lions and the bears.


The next part of the facility is a walking trail wh ere you see hippos, monkeys ,etc .As well as a variety of flora.

Again, feeding opportunities galore, but the food you can purchase includes a raw chicken attached to a fishing pole for the crocodiles and you get a live chicken to offer to the ligers (yes, ligers) or the crocs.

There was also a special hybrid ligers (male lions & female tigers) & tigons (male tigers & female lion).

So you can enjoy the walk through volcanic made rock in which you can find large group of monkey and small pond.

Green Zoology Restaurant --Tropical Rain Forest · Flamingo Restaurant

Tropical Rain Forest · Flamingo Restaurant, located in the Central Service District of Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden, it is pleasant place for rest and sight seeing, covering 1600 cubic meters area and having the ability to contain more than 600 person per time. So you can enjoy all types of traditional chines food . Food at the restaurant is  fresh and delicious .

PANDA is one of reason makes this park so special . 

Gant Panda Shunshun makes public debut at the Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden in Haikou, South China's Hainan province, Nov 25, 2018. Giant Pandas Gonggong and Shunshun from Sichuan Province came to Hainan and made public debut after being adapted to their new home.

Two male giant pandas met with the public for the first time in Haikou, capital of China's southernmost province of Hainan on Nov 25.

The two panda brothers, named "Gong Gong" and "Shun Shun", both 5 years old, are the first pandas to settle on the tropical island. 

With pandas you can also enjoy shopping of many different type of soft toys of panda and a hall also contains galleries which gives visitors information about how they made it possible to survive pandas in haikou climate . According to them  the main challenge for Hainan to house pandas is its longer summer compared with Sichuan. Therefore, six powerful ventilators and 12 air conditioners have been installed to keep the panda pavilion cool. Two dehumidifiers are employed to tackle the island's high humidity.

 valuable, rare and endangered animals, tropical economical forest, tropical beverage forest, tropical followers and fruit forest spread all over the garden 

You can also enjoy some traditional bamboo dance which is one of cultural dance of chines .

“An excellent place to study the habits of different species “

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                   “Thankyou fall in love with hainan ,Department of Tourism and Culture of Hainan province”  

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