Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Global 100 movie theme park, Hainan Island, China

Global 100 movie theme park, Hainan Island, China

5 June 2019

Changying resort wonderland is a part of mixed-use, leisure, retail, hospitality and also residential scheme near Hainan Island the most popular city of china.

Theme park is occupying over 400 hectares. Global 100 park features six themed villages, and each village represent its own history and culture. For example the United Kingdom themed village, incorporates characters such as James Bond, Mr. Bean and Alice in Wonderland beside architectural emblems including castles, country villages and industrial landscapes.

The Chinese Village draws on the ancient Loulan kingdom, with a waterfront component featuring a fishing village and the first attraction right after the entrance in park is the giant ship from the legend of Zheng He’s expedition, combined in a theme based upon the Great Silk Road.

Here are the following countries,





United Kingdom


Inspired by international film-making attraction from China, Europe and America.

Operating for 24 years, Showtime entertainment production (S.E.P) combines design and technical engineering to create spectacular live shows and entertainment to the global market.

This theme park is actually designed to rival the existing globally famous attractions offered by Disney and other entertainment industry leaders.

You can also enjoy the live performance by the performers of different countries.

The place that attract me most was 4D dream maker. Probably you may have enjoyed the 3D but here you can actually feel the presence of animated cartoons which will definitely make you to jump from you seat like I did. So must visit 4D animated cartoons. It is worth to see especially with your kids which will make their day special and unforgettable.

There is also a space center. Wh ere you can have a journey to space, and you feel like you are actually in a spacecraft.

some more from Global 100 theme park.

Beauty of twin tower and giant ship during sunset.

amazing view of giant ship during sunset.

inside of giant ship.

In addition to the park, Global 100 also feature a volcano-themed resort hotel with retail and dining components.

Construction is well underway:

Further more:

Global 100 Theme Park

Address: Haikou , Xiuying District, Yeahai Avenue, 100.

Ticket price: adult - 288 yuan, children - 168 yuan, student - 220 yuan, elderly (from 70 years) - 198 yuan (special offers with discounts can be viewed through the Chinese discounter Meituan - 美团).

How to get to the park:

1)      By taxi (address in Chinese is above).

2)      By bus (bus stop is on the opposite side from the North gate of Hainan University (万福新村) bus No. 21 to (美舍河大桥) - (美舍河大桥) change the bus - No. 96 to the stop of the " Global 100 Theme Park " (total journey time about 1 hour 30 minutes).

3)      Direct (stop on the opposite side of the North gate of Hainan University (万福新村) tourist route 4(旅游4线), total journey time about 2 hours).





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