Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Giant Pandas and many Exotic Animals in Wildlife Tropical Park on Hainan Island!

Giant Pandas and many Exotic Animals in Wildlife Tropical Park on Hainan Island!

30 April 2019

On Hainan Island, there is an ecological paradise where you can find Pandas but also more than 3000 birds and tropical animals from across the Globe. How amazing it is, right? There are Giant Pandas, Giraffes, Elephants, Tigers, Monkey, Lions and even Crocodiles. Now you don’t have to travel to Africa to see these species. You can visit Hainan Tropical Island in China and go to Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden to see them and learn about their lives.












Additionally, there are over 1000 tropical plants from across the Globe that you can see, admire and take a photo. Just after the entrance to the Hainan Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden, you will feel like in the real Jungle. The park has lots of space,  big green trees and among them, freely walking Lions and Tigers.


















The most popular and visited by International visitors are Chinese Giant Pandas. In Hainan Wildlife Park there are 2 brother Pandas. One is called Gong Gong and another one name is Shun Shun. Both of them were brought and settled in Hainan Wildlife Park in November 2018. The brothers Panda are quite different from each other. Gong Gong is  active, happy and loves interacting with the visitors. But, Shun shun is quiet and sensitive especially when it comes to the water sound. Both of them are glamorous and beautiful creatures that will make feel happy each and every visitor of the park.  











The brothers Panda enjoy playing with their specially designed toys: climbing bed, slide or swing. The space area for Pandas is located in tropical rain forest and it has been divided into 3 different areas: outdoor area with swing, climbing bed or slide, all specially designed for Pandas. Indoor area with air conditioned room below 25 degrees, designed and painted with natural environment for Pandas. Also, there is living area of Pandas where visitors are not allowed to go. All the Panda space is filled with water lakes, bamboo forests that gives them absolute natural environment to live quiet life on Hainan Island.










So, if you plan to travel to China, come to Hainan Island and visit these lovely Giant Panda brothers in Tropical Hainan Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden. During your trip you will also have a chance to see different animals, birds and species from across de Globe and learn about their lives. 










Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden offers great restaurant service where you can find local and delicious food just in the heart of this ecological paradise. Everybody will find something for its taste and budget just in the heart of this ecological paradise. It is a great place to discover and feel real wild atmosphere in the heart of the tropical jungle. Don´t wait!  Book a flight and discover this Hainanese Wildlife Park. 


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