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For the Love of Boao

10 June 2019

Very few cities can capture the essential and pure imagination of a person. Some cities play an import role that must be articulated in such a way to do them justice. My blog will do but little justice and be insufficient to fully express my feeling towards the great place of Bo’Ao. This place has enough culture to go around the whole island. We were lucky enough to enjoy Boao during the Dragon Boat festival. The main attractions that are here in Boao are three major points to see, the famous Boao Forum for Asia, the temple, and the beaches.




Let’s talk about Boao Forum for Asia. Boao Forum for Asia is situated in its own island on the river delta; the only way to get there is by crossing a bridge. Surrounded by a beautiful golf course is the Forum is an amazing conference area that anyone is free to go visit. Not only is the sure size of the room quite amazing but the stage is one that must be marvelled. Us plebians are even allowed to sit on the chairs with the hopes that one day we might end up being the main attraction.

They have plenty of places to capture the magic moment of Boao. There is also plenty of places that we can go to have a picture taken. But what if your cellphone was stolen or maybe it fell into the water because you decided to throw it away? Well no worries, there are professionals at every corner with high tech cameras ready to capture the magical moment. You will leave with enough memories that will last for a lifetime.

After a tour around the amazing forum, we got to relax and meditate at the temple. The Boao temple is a very special place. The Napalese king contributed one of the statues to the temple. As you go fr om one room to the other, one is astounded by the calm serenity of the temple. Each room lead up higher and higher, until you reach the top. Upon reaching the top, there is the greatest part of the temple. Going inside, there is a beautiful statue up on the top. If you have some money and a good aim, you can make a wish and hopefully that will come true. Then you can start your journey back down the mystical temple.

The last part are the luxurious resorts at Boao. Some of the best resorts I have seen which included an all you can eat buffet. There is also an infinity pool which looks out on the beach. The beaches were great. So big and beautiful. We were lucky that day. People were kite surfing when we were there. It was beautiful to see all the kite surfers there. Such majestic people the kite surfers, they moved around so smoothly in the water using the wind as a means of energy. I was astounded and amazed by them. We then were able to go to the top floor wh ere we saw the amazing and wonderful city from up above. Nothing but blue skies, blue oceans, and a sea of green trees as far as the eye could see.

Boao is a mystical and magical place. In order to understand Hainanese culture one must understand Boao. I hope that if you spend any time in Hainan you will come and be amazed by the great and beautiful Boao. If you are as lucky as I am, you too can see the sea of the majestic kite surfers as the surf off into the distance!

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