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Falling in love with Hainan

24 April 2019

Day 06 - A day at Mission Hills 

Do you know that some celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds and many more have come to the breathtaking Mission Hills Resort, the resort is 80 km2. Here on the resort, we saw three different facets on the sixth day.  The first part was the driving ranges and golf course. The green grass is so vibrant in color and if you take your shoes off, it reminds you of your childhood playing on the grass for hours at end.

The second place was Movie town, here we saw the artificial town, movie studios, guest apartments, and restaurants. We, just like so many other producers and photographers recorded our video in Movie town. The mission hills shopping centre has all the famous and infamous brands for you to walk and shop ‘till you drop!’ The food is of international standard and they cater to many different tastes.

The last stop for the day was at the hot springs between all of that lava rock! The hot springs have roughly 300 different purposed pool spa's. When you walk around the rock pools, you will be able to read the temperatures, the purpose and benefits of each individual pool spa. The tall green trees provide enough oxygen to assist with your holistic mind, body and soul detox.

Our training chapter has ended on a high note with Alena Nikolskaya. Her vibrant personality, an endless wealth of knowledge and determination to train the novice class of 2019 was an experience that won't be forgotten!

Thank you to everyone involved in this amazing program! Thank you Hainan life, Alena Nikolskaya and the Department of Tourism and Culture of Hainan province.

If you would like any information about Hainan, locations of the places we mentioned above or need help planning your vacation please contact us.

Follow our story by clicking on the link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/5DPwe-OQaWx1QNISDui4lg

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