Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Do you know the Mission Hills in Haikou?

Do you know the Mission Hills in Haikou?

24 April 2019

▶SPORTS - Golf Courses

 Mission Hills is a five-star resort in China with golf facilities.

There are various courses as well as World Cup course and Vijay Course.

It is the largest golf course with 180 holes, and offers a wide range of options from beginner difficulty to LPGA advanced rounding.

Even if it's not golf, it's got a wonderful view, so it might be nice to play with the kids.


▶ATTRACTION – Movie Town Haikou

 Movie Town is used as a filming location for many movies and old streets in Shanghai!

In 1942, a street with the modern history of China and Nanyang Street (the streets of Guangzhou and Southeast Asia

where Europeans lived) can be seen with a variety of food and other souvenirs.

If you visit at night, you can see the wonderful old street’s night view of neon signs.




▶WELLNESS – Mineral Springs Haikou

 Visitors can enjoy a unique spa that is divided into various regions such as Europe and Asia. You can have a leisurely time under the theme of famous tourist cities. (You can visit 168 hot springs, which are largely divided into five zones.)

You can enjoy a beautiful view through a 300-meter bamboo forest road between the Asian Zone and the European Zone.

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