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"Disneyland in Hainan"

5 June 2019

Global 100 Theme Park

Welcome to the place where imagination is the destination. For young and old, big or small its the happiest place! Everyone should come build memories with your family or friends that last a lifetime as you discover the wonder of this magical, fantistical theme park. I've havent experienced this much joy for a very long time.

The rides, shops,shows and characters these are just a few of the many great aspects of a wonderful place called the Global 100 theme park.


The park consists of six themed “villages,” representing the following countries:

  • China
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

Each village is inspired by the culture and history of its respective country.

China village will be inspired by the “ancient desert city” of the Loulan kingdom. It will contain twin towers and a giant ship from the legendary “Zheng He’s Expedition” tale.

The United Kingdom village shows well known characters such as 007 James Bond and Alice in Wonderland along with historic UK icons such as castles, villages and markets.

In fact, the buidling designs is unlike anything I’ve seen at a theme park. They are superb!

It has a variety of entertainments including : Extreme stunt car and motorcycle show (We didnt see the show because of rainy weather), 4D Theatre, Laser rooms , Space flight, 4D Cinema , Carnival Games, live music performances and a Rollercoaster. 

As you walk by the park you can hear a soft classical music playing and sounds that make you feel happy and relaxed.

Finally the space flight, a room with a screen and marvelous physical effects which will take you to a journey through galaxies, which is just so entertaining and realistic makes you feel you're actually there.

This is the picture i took inside from the Space flight building, the interior designs are very well done makes you feel entering to a a space ship.

Here is the photo I took in the beginning of the space travel, the ride takes around 5 minutes and will defenitly give you the goosebumps! :) 

Here is the short information about the Global 100 theme park : 

Address: Haikou , Xiuying District, Yeahai Avenue, 100. 

Ticket price: adult - 288 yuan, children - 168 yuan, student - 220 yuan, elderly (from 70 years) - 198 yuan (special offers with discounts can be viewed through the Chinese discounter Meituan - 美团).

How to get to the park:

1)      By taxi (address in Chinese is above).

2)      By bus (bus stop is on the opposite side from the North gate of Hainan University (万福新村) bus No. 21 to (美舍河大桥) - (美舍河大桥) change the bus - No. 96 to the stop of the " Global 100 Theme Park " (total journey time about 1 hour 30 minutes).

3)      Direct (stop on the opposite side of the North gate of Hainan University (万福新村) tourist route 4(旅游4线), total journey time about 2 hours).


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