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Discover the lost city of ‘Atlantis’

17 May 2019

Everybody would already know this name ‘Atlantis’. Atlantis is a fictional island, which mentions within an allegory on the hubris of nations in Plato's works. This place is also known as a city that submerged underwater. 

‘Atlantis’ reminds me of the animation by Disney ‘Atlantis: the Lost Empire’ and a superhero movie by DC ‘Aquaman’. However, now you don’t have to imagine how ‘Atlantis’ would look like anymore, because ‘Atlantis Sanya’ uses Atlantis as a main theme in designing and decorating this place.

I separate Atlantis Sanya into two parts; the first one is ‘THE LOST CHAMBERS’
When you arrive at the entrance of ‘Atlantis Sanya’, the ‘Beluga Whale’ (the mascot animal of this place) is waiting to welcome you.

Next, you will see the aquariam ‘The lost chambers’ which will be right in front of you. It contains over 86,000 marine animals across 28 different species. Let’s see and discover how was it

You will see a lot of species such as eel, jelly fish, stingray, lion fish, and lot of exotics sea creatures. Of course, the our mascot animal and an intelligent creature, beluga whales that waiting for you to play with them.

Besides, ‘Atlantis Sanya’ has a lot of marine animals. The design of this place is super amazing as you will see that every aquarium of this place has their own special decoration based on ‘Atlantis’. You can see a lot of marine animal with a creative aquarium design. I think you will have a good time with this place. 

Let’s continue to the second part 'AQUAVENTURE WATER PARK'
If you already tired from discover the marine animals from ‘The Lost Chambers’, then you can go to this place to relax and have fun. ‘Aquaventure Waterpark’ is the one of the largest waterparks in Asia. It contains a lot of sliders and a lot of facilities such as, restaurants and boutique shops.

Lastly, I also created this two pictures to share some information and facts about this place for you. Oops! I almost forget this place also have accommodations too :)
Here’s the link to the official website, if you want to find out more about this place! https://www.atlantissanya.cn/en


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17 May 2019
Wow, as always - great graphics!!!
17 May 2019
Wow, as always - great graphics!!!