Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Day trip to wuzhizhou island…this place is paradise.

Day trip to wuzhizhou island…this place is paradise.

17 May 2019

Wuzhizhou Island is very popular island situated in Haitang Bay, the northern city of Sanya. With some adventurous wide range of activities such as diving, snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat, and so on.....

Wuzhizhou Island is hailed as the NO.1 diving base of China and is an excellent spot for scuba diving with crystal clear blue sea that provide great visibility

Wuzhizhou Island is a paradise of wild tropical forest. There are over 2700 wild plants including Spindle Tree Fern and Dragon Tree, the oldest plant on the earth.

There is a pier where all tourists take speed boats to the Sanya Wuzhizhou Island from 8 am.An electrifying activity I tried at Wuzhizhou island was Jet Boat. If you are a thrill seeker like me, you will love the Jet Boat perform high-speed 360 degree spins, slide and more. This Jet Boat takes your speeding across the water, leaping over waves as you thunder through a series of high-speeds tricks. You will have a feeling of giddy excitement when you step back on solid ground.

The staff service is generally very good and I also highly recommend the Seafood Buffet lunch.

It's got something for everyone. Palm trees, white sand and blue water..this is definetly paradise for me.

 You have to add Sanya, this incredible destination to your travel bucket list! There are tons of activities that you can do in Sanya and you will love this tropical city as much as I do!



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  • 18 May 2019
    Wow. Domra kholay zay day
  • 18 May 2019
    I wanna come here. It’s just an amazing place to visit. And i like your photography too. Keep it up