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Come Play at Wet n' Wild

29 May 2019

Haikou can get very hot during the summer time, but where can you go? Haikou has plenty of local pools, but they are not that exciting or cool. There is a place in Haikou where you can go and ride on top notch rides and have an amazing time!.

Wet n’ Wild is conveniently located at mission hills and also a top notch golf destination. There are more than 20 slides with you can ride. There is also a nice Junior area that you can take your kids (if you got any). There is surf rider where you can even simulate surfing! If you get hungry, no need to worry they have amazing restaurants as well as plenty of drink options!

Here are some of the rides you can take:

360 Rush- You will have to climb 6 stories to race against your friends. It will have you turning a whole 360 Degrees!

Super 8 Aqua Racer-  If you are competitive, might I suggest try racing with 7 of your friends down this ride.

Half Pipe- The Half Pipe will have you and up to 5 other people going up a near vertical wall!

Water Rockets- Jet streams will send you and a friend up and down through these tunnels.

The Barrel- My personal favorite ride. The Barrel will give you the feeling of falling off a cliff!

If you are ever tired, then there are plenty of places where you can take a break! When we were tired, we went to the Wild Water Bay. They have more than 3,000,000 litres of water and a huge digital screen! Although they were only showing advertisements for the park, I am sure they are bound to also show other interesting videos. While not all the attractions were open while we were there, they also have the Rainforest River (Lazy River), and a Leisure Lagoon where you can hang out and just be lazy! As well as having the Whirlpool Springs!

Coming from Austin, we have the nationally recognized Schlitterbahn located just a few hours away. I am quite versed in water parks and I can say that although wet n’ wild is not the biggest it is good because of these reasons. First off, all the rides are close together. There is no need to waste your time walking around from one area to the next. Everything is located close to each other. Next, the lines are not very long. Too many times have I waited in lines for a specific ride. It is always quite unbearable. So Wet n’ Wild is a perfect place, because it is a hidden gem! Another great reason, the layout of the park is very simple. It makes it much easier to navigate yourself around. Finally, the rides are great. I enjoyed every single ride I was on!

As you can see, Wet n’ Wild is an amazing park. If you have an opportunity, you should check out this park. Remember if you are hot and looking for some fun get Wet n’ Wild!

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