Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Colorful Evening of Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town

Colorful Evening of Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town

16 May 2019

I have spend an amazing evening in Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town with “Fall In Love With Hainan” Team.

Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town have 1 general ocean park, 11 entertainment areas, 2 theater shows, 30 international performances, 8 theme restaurants, 50 restaurants and about 30 shops.

Sanya Hai Chang Fantasy Town is the largest comprehensive ocean entertainment complex in China. It cover all your needs: culture tourism, vacation planning, entertainment experiences and shopping. It is the second Hai Chang theme park in China.

You can enjoy the magnificent views from the large wheel called “The Eye of Sanya". The Eye of Sanya is a 88 meter-high Ferris wheel standing on the Haitang Bay national coast. You can see views of the city, the sea and the hills.

It is the only «Maritime Silk Road» 5D cinema. Through the 270 degree screen and seat movement, you can experience a unique historical and cultural journey along the Maritime Silk Road.

In Gaiety Theater you can see float parades, A capella performances, fire shows and street performances. 

Here you can taste delicious food from all over the world, and get close to sea turtles. There is about 50 restaurants in Sanya Hai Chang Fantasy Town.

Adventure Island

This placce is highly recommended to visit with friends and families.



168 Hai’an Avenue, Haitang District, Sanya City, Hainan Province, P.R.China (Opposite Haitang Square).

Website: http://www.haichangoceanpark.com/syhcop/index.htm.

Tel: 400 601 6699

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