Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Caring for your eyes.

Caring for your eyes.

24 April 2019

Your eyes are incredible, your sight is unique. That’s why we take care of them. Your sight is the gift you want to shield and that’s where we come in. eyes have the power to connect you to the world, see what we can do for them. If you have a problem with your eyesight no worries we’ve got your back. Eyesight is always surprising and we are happy to say we know quite a bit about it. Everything your eyesight needs, all in one place and built for you. The stamp of authenticity you looking for,, say NO to contact lenses and eyeglasses ….. and

Welcome to Laser vision correction center HI-VISION

Now you are on the way to your vision recovery. I am very proud to introduce world’s friendliest community Haikou can provide wide range of treatments not available in other world premier vision clinics. In late April Department of Tourism and Culture of Hainan province and hainanlife team arrange a tour to HI-Vision center in Hainan Island china which is very close to my university Hainan university designed according to 5-star hotel standards. It was great to see such a diversity of peoples over there and not encountered by any waiting lines or an excessive number of other patients. Comfortable waiting areas for patients and those who accompany patients (Wi-Fi is available), playroom where you can leave your child while you have eye’s examination or surgery.

HI-VISION center treat:
Myopia or nearsightedness from -0.5 to 27 D (diopters) farsightedness or hyperopia from +0.5 to +18.0 D (diopters)
astigmatism from +/- 0.5 to +/-7.0 D (diopters),
In addition, they also treat with presbyopia (an age-related condition), crossed eyes and amblyopia

More than 70,000 operations are conducted and up to 66,000 patients have restored their vision from Hi-vision center with the help of most advanced equipment and highly qualified specialists,  Miss. Liang Chun , she has performed over 60,000 operations of patients from china and other countries, Mr. Lu Chunmin treat the eye diseases in children, and Mr. Li Jiaqing treat the retinal abnormalities, and laser eye treatment with 20 years of hand on experience.

I was so impressed to see such a well experienced staff who can also communicate with you in English and Russian too apart from Chinese.

So if you are suffering with above mentioned eye problem … dont worry, keep your aims and vision high, schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam and see the future clearly with Hi-vision.



Laser vision correction Center "HI-VISION", Hainan Island, China.
license Number: 400098460100417936 from 27.06.2011
E-mail: HiVisionKang@126.comzPhone: +86 186-0891-2216, J.S.Kang
WhattsUp: +86 186-0891-2216
WeChat: HiVisionKang
Vk: http://vk.com/hi_vision

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2 May 2019
Good Job
2 May 2019