Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Boao, When the world meets in one place

Boao, When the world meets in one place

9 June 2019

In this article, I will tell you about our last trip to one most beautiful cities in China with the team of Hainan life and the participants of the first season of the program “Fall in love with Hainan”. When I describe the places where we visited in the trip, you will feel that you can not wait to visit these attractive places. So, I really recommend you to visit Hainan island to see these places and make your unforgettable trip.

In this trip, we went to Bo'ao, Bo'ao  is a town located next to the eastern coastal city of Qionghai in Hainan Province, People's Republic of China.Bo'ao is famous for the Boao Forum for Asia, Bo'ao is famous for the Boao Forum for Asia, an international organisation whose venue is permanently located on Bo'ao's largest island, Dongyu Island. 

At the first stop, we went to Boao forum for Asia theme park which located at the Wanquan River to join the celebration of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. 

The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is known as the Duanwu Festival in China, falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year, which was established to commemorate a notable official and patriotic poet Qu Yuan. 

As the first traditional Chinese festival listed on the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritages, it is one of the three most important lunar festivals in China, along with Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

For celebrating this festival, there is a three-day holiday in China

The common customs about Chinese Dragon Boat Festival:

1. Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon boat racing is the utmost main custom in the Dragon Boat Festival.

The origin of the activity is said that in ancient time, when Qu Yuan drowned himself into the river, many fishermen rode their boats on the river, trying to find his body. They tried their best to catch up with the revered minister, but when they reached Dongting Lake, Qu Yuan's body could no longer be found.

Every year later locals would ride dragon boats for commemorating Qu Yuan, hoping to disperse creatures under the river in this way. To the day, the racing of dragon-designed boats is very popular in areas near to rivers, lakes, or seas.There the people taking part in a dragon boat race to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

2. Eating Zongzi

After Qu Yuan committed suicide in Miluo River, fishermen tried hard to find his body but failed. Some locals threw rice rolls, eggs and meat into the river to feed creatures under the river, hoping they wouldn’t eat the body of Qu Yuan. 

Years later people used leaves to roll the rice rolls and tightened them with colorful threads, which is known as Zongzi (棕子).

Now eating Zongzi has become an indispensable part of Dragon Boat Festival celebration. In China almost every household will eat zongzi when the festival comes. Yet depending on the location and region of China, the taste of Zongzi is different. 

Generally speaking, people in southern China prefer the salty one while those in northern China like the sweet one.

In this place, you can find the Inaugural Ceremony Site of Boao Forum for Asia

The second stop of the trip was to the Boao Forum for Asia:

Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) is a nongovernmental and nonprofit international organization with a fixed conference date and a fixed domicile. BFA has won great support from Asian countries and drawn extensive attention of the whole world. Now, it has become a high-end platform for dialogs among leaders of national governments, industrial and business circles, and academic circles of countries in Asia and other continents about the important issues in Asia and even the whole world. BFA is dedicated to promoting Asian countries to achieve common development through further integration of regional economy.

The third stop in the trip was to Bó’áo Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Monastery in Bo'ao

The highlight of this modern Buddhist temple complex, 3 km west of the town centre, is the enormous statue of the many-armed and many-headed Guanyin, the towering pagoda, and the views over the delta. The temple built since more than 1200 years and it looks like a dragon start from the tail at the gate of the temple and the head at the biggest tower of the temple.

The fourth stop of the trip was to Taoji resort Hotel

If you go to that hotel you will find it charming hotel, you will love the minimalistic and elegant interior design, superb beach, infinity and nice pool, part of the lobby is designed to be high-end and atmospheric, clean and hygienic environment, the public area has a good photo effect and all of the staff are very warm and friendly.

One the best advantages of this hotel is mainly the location, basically in the center of the beach belt, from the hotel to the beach, it only takes a few minutes, very close to the sea, in terms of seascape.

We had a buffet lunch in the hotel, it was very nice and delicieus. Then we enjoyed playing in the pool and in the near and amazing beach too. It was so great time and unforgettable momnents for all the group. 

The overall feeling is great and The hotel preferred and recommended place for vacation.

Finally, we already done our photo tours and all our trips to the most beautiful places in Hainan as a participants in the program of "Fall in Love With Hainan". I want to express my sincere gratitude to the team of the program "Max, Daria, Polina, Olga and Alena", your efforts are gladly appreciated, you are really doing a great job for providing your talents and skills to help all the participants. Thank you for showing us our potential to be great. Thank you for your continuously believing in us as a good participants. 

To all the friendly and lovely participants, My words can never be enough to praise your values in my heart, you are the best group I have ever meet and travel with in my life, I extend my wishes to all of you and best of luck in your future life. 

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