Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Boao forum of Asia permanent venue

Boao forum of Asia permanent venue

9 June 2019


We live in a time when people are quietly without pink glasses, instead in their phones installed applications with numerous filters. Perhaps that's why trips to popular tourist destinations, romantic dates and shopping over the Internet often disappoint.  Virtual reality, social networks and photoshop capabilities have long taught us that expectation and reality are, to put it mildly, not the same thing. The most common modern disappointment is, of course, the reality, which does not want to coincide with our expectations.

Beautiful and original photos published by friends on numerous social networks make you dream about amazing countries, save money and strive to see firsthand the unique streets of distant cities, amazing beaches and amazing sunsets. What a disappointment sometimes waiting for tourists who have traveled thousands of kilometers to see their dream! What to do about it and are there places on the planet that meet expectations? The answer to the first question- to be able to adjust your expectations, try to write and read real, truthful reviews. The answer to the second question is yes, there are definitely such places.

A place that exceeded expectations from Hainan Island, for me, was the city of Boao. It is not for nothing that he was chosen for the Asian Forum. Spending the weekend here on the DragonBoat Festival was a good idea.

In just one day we were able to cheer on the "red" at the boat races, admire the Buddhist temple, enjoy a healing massage in the relaxation center of the Canon Dao Hotel, swim in the sea or pool - that's who likes it.

The name Boao lives up to its name. According to legend, "Bo" means "generous", "Ao" is the son of a dragon, the patron saint of local fishermen, after whom this place was named. Many hotels in Boao have their access to the sea, and the wonderful white sandy beach stretches for more than 40 kilometers.

DragonBoat Festival? It's Boao.

One of the most beautiful Buddhist temples? It's Boao.

Clean sandy beaches, kitesurfing paradise? It's Boao.

Canon Dao Hotel, with panoramicknams on the beach? A pool and dinner overlooking a fantastic sunset? It's All Boao. 

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