Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Bo´ao on Hainan Island, definitely must-see place. Check this out!

Bo´ao on Hainan Island, definitely must-see place. Check this out!

9 June 2019

Bo´ao is a small town located on the eastern coast on Hainan Island. Its amazing beaches, rich rainforest and the highest standard of hotel resorts bring international tourists but also, it is base of Bo´ao Forum For Annual Conference 2019.

Only here as unique place in Asia, every year, the most important representation of international companies and also members of the Chinese government gather together to discuss important matters of improvements both in business and politics. Beacause of this, Chinese Government invested great amount of resources to improve the conference hall specially for this event.

Additionally, Bo´ao offers the highest standard of Hotels and Resorts. One of the spotted and well recognized Hotel  Resort is Taoji, located just in front of  the beautiful beach where you can practice Kitesurfing, sunbath and swim in the clear water Sea. This hotel resort offers great views, delicious international food, bilingual staff, traditional Chinese massage and healthy paths to improve your feet problems.

Just in the highest floor of the Taoji Hotel you can have the most marvellous views both, for rainforest and never ending beach with hundreds of kitesurfers. If you plan to visit Bo´ao, you must definitely stay in this Hotel Resort.

Another and very important place to visit in Bo´ao is Buddhist Temple. Its beautiful towers can be seen from the outside of the area. Come and enjoy its facilities and beautiful architecture.

What is more, during my stay in Bo´ao I had this unique and exceptional experience to admire and watch Dragon Boat Festival. This special celebration of China's complex spiritual and religious tradition, celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar which this year was held 7-8-9 of June 2019 here in Bo´ao.


Bo´ao is becoming more and more popular among Chinese and International visitors. Its beautiful beaches, perfect for kitesurfing lovers, easy access to rainforest, great and high standard of Hotel Resorts brings significant number of visitors every year. Bo´ao is also well connected, its new International Airport makes this outstanding place more attractive for international tourism.


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