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Before we go

11 June 2019

Inspiration, earphones with music, camera with memory card, mobile phone with selfie stick, good friends who always go with us, maybe this is the short definition of this 2 months in ‘Fall in love with Hainan’ program

Our last trip is going to end, it’s hard to say what I feel because after 2 months all of us become good friends. We are not from the same country, so many places in the world, but we participate this program together. It is one of the best opportunity in my life to meet a lot of cool people around the world here, I know when the program finish everybody need to go back and do their stuff, some of us go back to their country (me too), some stay here, some don’t have any idea, I hope we still be friends and we will meet again somewhere in the world.

Destination of the last trip is ‘Boao’, the time that we go to Boao is on Dragon Boat Festival (端午节 - Duān wǔ jié) so we are very lucky that we have a chance to see a boat racing. I don’t know about this place much but everybody tell me this place is very beautiful, let’s see how it look.

Not bad, today the sun is good and the sky is blue, what a nice day! Sometimes you like some places because it is beautiful, but sometimes you like some places because atmosphere and memory there, so I will have a good memory here because the weather and friends.

The first place we arrive is ‘Boao Aquapolis Tourist Site’, We are here to take some look and see a dragon boat racing. The thing I know about ‘Boao Forum for Asia’ is, it is a non-profit organization that hosts high-level forums for leaders from government, business and academia in Asia and other continents to share their vision on the most pressing issues in this dynamic region and the world at large, for more information you can find it by yourself in the internet.

This place is decorated by a lot of national flags and some culture of the country in Asia, Do you see a national flag of Thailand?, it’s at the middle in the right photo. I am really happy that my country is one of the country in the organization and I see national flags of my Mongolia friend and Korean friend too.

Let’s see the dragon boat racing! Do you know?, on this festival besides racing dragon boats most widespread activities conducted during the Dragon Boat Festival are eating (and preparing) Zongzi and drinking realgar wine.

We have already done here and go to the next stop, our next stop is ‘Boao Forum for Asia Permernant Venue’. I hear this place is a place that leaders around the world have a meeting, so interesting.

After we see a conference room of the great leaders around the world, we have to go to our next destination, next destination is so interesting for me because I am Buddhist and we are going to ‘Boao Buddhist Temple’

So beautiful, right? This place is very calm and really make me feel relax, but you shouldn’t come in the afternoon because it is very hot, come here in the evening will be better.

If you like this place and you interested in Buddhism, before you go back you can buy some souvenirs from here, they have a lot of beautiful interesting stuff.

Now, we are at the last stop of the trip, We are here at ‘Boao Taoji Resort Hotel’, this place is really nice! This place is the most I like of the trip today, we spend very good time here all of the afternoon. After we depart from the temple, we have lunch here and it is a buffet, it has many kinds of food and everything is delicious, this is the best lunch in all of our trip.

We are full and go for a walk to see the resort, this place is very cool, the sky is blue and the sea is beautiful. You can see a lot of people do many activities, surfing, swimming, playing with their kids, they look very happy to spending time here.

This is the happiest time of today, we go to many places and now we start to get tired, this time I decide to swimming with friends (I not often swimming) and they are very surprised that I can swim very well, haha. We swim in the sea and swimming pool, talking and sharing our feeling together, I like that moment very much.

‘Time flies’ I agree with this sentence but this time I truly agree with this 100%. Now, it is 5.30 and we have to go back to Haikou, I never imagine I will feel a little bit sad about this, actually I have a lot of happiness today, maybe because this is the last trip so next week we don’t have a trip anymore so that why I am sad. I know we can meet again but the feeling will not be the same like this, in the 2 months of happiness, it has a little sadness at the end. However, we have spent most of our time together and it is a one of the best moment in my life.

Everybody wants a happy ending, right?, but it doesn't always roll that way. Maybe next time we don’t have a chance to meet again, so just keep this memory and feel it as long as you want. When we are on the bus and going back to Haikou, I just feel that day is a really nice day, and the SUNSET is very beautiful.

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