Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Beautiful run from Wuzhi Mountain into the village

Beautiful run from Wuzhi Mountain into the village

21 May 2019

       Wuzhishan City in China’s Hainan ProvinceMount  

Hainan-is the southern most province of China, which has long since deserved the status of Chinese and international Health resort for its location in the tropical zone and the purity of the environment. Wuzhishan  (五指山 – wǔ zhǐ Shān) is an ecologically clean place in the central part of the island. Here you can stroll through the mountains, enjoy the wonderful views that open from them and breathe the purest air.Mount wuzhishan  got its name for its similarity with the hand. Five peaks of the mountain resemble knuckle knuckles.

If you always love to drink tea. Especially when tea has something delicious. But you are always health conscious and can’t drink much tea so realized that tea can be tasty by itself without any additives such as sugar, milk or thickening.

So when I drink the first cup of tea my reaction was  "Oh, totally refreshing”.

Interested in this issue, we learned that in Hainan there are several plantations of tea cultivation: In the city of Baotin保亭, wuzhishan  五指山, Baisha 白沙i Junjung 琼中. )

Well, to get acquainted with the local varieties of tea, see how it grows, how it is treated, how to collect, how and wh ere dried, we went to the tea plantation wuzhishan"Nature charm".

Putting on traditional clothes, to collect tea as it was done many years ago. And then enjoy the tea ceremony in the shade of the trees here on the mountain, near the tea plantation.

Our road ran south fr om Haikou to the very depths of the island by small settlements, Mountain Lake, Tropical Park... The road is not close, took a little more than two hours.

The mountain of "five fingers" is not only the highest mountain on the island, but also a symbol of Hainan Island. The peaks of wuzhishan Mountain really resemble from afar Fingers. The highest peak is 1800 meters. 

Having reached the tea plantation, we were invited to the tea ceremony, wh ere we learned how tea brewing in the cup of Chow

 Chow is a set consisting of a cup, a lid and a saucer. Brewing in Chow is used when you need to try tea, for example, when buying. In such cases it is important to preserve the neutral taste of tea. In addition, it is necessary to be able to look at brewing tea leaves and feel their aroma. You can brew any tea in Chow, but most of all this method is suitable for poorly fermented species. And so, it is necessary:

Boil the water or heat it to the temperature appropriate to the used tea.
Heat the tea with boiling water.
Pour tea leaves in chow.
Rinse the tea leaves and immediately drain the water.
Pour water on the cup wall for 2/3.
Wait 30 seconds, pour out the tea.
Serve tea.

I wanted to mention two teas, which are remembered and are the most famous of the growing on Mount wuzhishan. E Shen Luy cha (Ye Sheng Lu Cha, Wild green tea)-the famous uncultivated wild green tea.Taste seemed to me moderately sweet, a little tartM, with a honey-floral aroma. Due to the increased content of vitamins and amino acids, this tea is recommended as a prophylactic remedy. 

Bai Xue Cha (White Snow tea) is a rare and expensive sort of white tea. This tea is unique in that it does not pass high-temperature processing, therefore it is on the first place on maintenance of useful substances. It strengthens the immunity, prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases and cancer tumors. Eliminates excess internal fat, so it can be used to prevent atherosclerosis. It also cleans the blood, liver, kidneys, removes toxins, saturates blood and muscles with oxygen. This kind of tea has a special effect on skin cells, slowing down the process of their aging. So even modern science confirms the conclusions of Chinese emperors, who called white Tea a drink of immortality. This tea is tasted with a noticeable bitterness and aroma of fresh greenery. 

A trip to the tea plantation of wuzhishan "nature charm" was interesting, informative and tasty. Here is a great climate for growing tea and you can try Varieties of tea, from simple to elite.

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